"If it isn't fun, why do it?"

Ben and Jerry (Also, Me!)



Do you want to absolutely fall in LOVE with your family photos, and, get this, enjoy the process of having them taken as well (Dads... this means you too!)? Do you want your shoot to actually be fun... a memory in and of itself? Do you want to end up with moments that make you cry, make you smile, make you remember and make you want to hug the actual print you're so happy? Then you probably need to hire me. Like right now...



I am a high energy, super fun, kinda artsy-fartsy, little bit weird girl who puts my whole heart and soul into everything that I do. I am always taking photos, with my phone or with my camera and I enjoy observing and noticing and capturing and documenting. I am at my happiest when I am documenting others, doing things that they love, with people that the love.

I've got 3 kids myself, and every year the process of getting everyone dressed, ready and to our shoot is like... hard… I'm usually crying, holding tissues under my eyes trying not to ruin my makeup by the time we get to where we're going. So I get it. I know what it feels like to just want everyone to smile and be happy for one hour out of the year. And with me, you will get just that. I just have a knack for dealing with people, especially kids and dads that don't want their photos taken. It's fun. It's easy. It's something they'll actually WANT to engage in and you're going to absolutely fall in love with the moments of connection that come out of our shoot together.

My end goal is to deliver to you, a gallery full of carefully curated images that poignantly speak the energy and love of your family. A living memory of the very real fun that we'll all have together. You're gonna feel your photos... over and over and over again. You're gonna wanna hug me... it's true.


"Photography is like therapy."

~ Me (possibly, also, Ben and Jerry)

I'm definitely the Family Photographer for you if:

  • You love photography. Like, more than your average bear.

  • You're more interested in quality than quantity. You'd rather have 75, UNIQUE, SUPER-SOLID, EMOTIVE PHOTOS, than 200 photos that are just kind of, meh.

  • You want to have fun. You love to laugh and you want your shoot itself, to be a fun event and a good memory

  • When I say (and I will), I gotta do a weird one, you'll be like... YESSS! Cause you love weird too.

  • You want your photos to look and feel like candid moments, even if they aren't actually candid moments.

  • You're okay with your kids playing, running, picking their nose, getting a bit dirty... you're okay with them being who they are. That's when they're happiest. And they are happiest when you are being you. Let that happen, and your photos will be MAGIC.

  • You like REAL. I am as real as it gets. I am also honest. So are my photos.


I'm definitely NOT the Family Photographer for you if:

  • You want a certain number of photos taken per hour, regardless of their content.

  • You want standard, posed, formals and that's it. I mean, I do them, of course, but that's not what gives you photos that blow your mind. And it isn’t that fun. And if it's not fun... whyyyyyyyy.....

  • You want fake skies or dinosaurs photoshopped into your photos. I don't do fake and I have no interest in making you, or the scenery, look different than what it actually was. I reserve my bomb photoshop skills for making my family members puke rainbows (true story... check my instagram).

  • You want me to tell people to say cheese. I mean I LOVE cheese, but you will never, ever, EVER hear me say that. If you DO hear me say cheese, I'm hungry and need a snack. The end.


"I like my people deep, and my depth of field shallow."

~ Me





  • up to 1 hour of shooting time with me as your photographer

  • your choice of location on Maui (excluding Hana)

  • all edited, full resolution image files with a print release allowing you to print at will for personal purposes

  • an online gallery for you to share with family and friends



  • up to ½ hour of shooting time with me as your photographer

  • all edited, full resolution image files with a print release allowing you to print at will for personal purposes

  • an online gallery for you to share with family and friends

* half family shoots are limited to groups 5 or less, are limited to weekday mornings at 9am and are limited to select, pre-set, upcountry Maui locations.


Not included in that hourly is:

  • Travel to Hana or to locations other than Maui. I'm super happy to travel worldwide to photograph your family. But there are added travel fees for that.



I do require a signed contract and 50% retainer in order to book a date.




If you want to chat first to go over any questions you might have or to check and see if you're date is available, email me using the below form and I'll get back to you within 48 hours:

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