"They all said I couldn't do it... until I did."


Are you drowning in the day to day tasks associated to running and growing your business?  Have you tried online systems to help you and found that they either fell short or were just too complicated to use?    Are you starting to feel like you bit off more than you chew? Are you ready to find something that works so well for your business, that you can get back to creating and enjoying life again?



- THE NEW WAY, why what you've tried up until now has failed you

- SIGN UP TO WIN, 5 creatives will be chosen to join my beta group to create something catered exclusively to them and their business, and it could be YOU.  I'm teaming up with a select group of creatives to help create something that will help take their business to the next level in productivity

If you've struggled to keep up with the day to day tasks associated to running a business, if you've tried online systems that just didn't work for you, if you're feeling desperate for help but feel what you need will be too expensive or simply doesn't exist, I'm about to change your business, AND YOUR LIFE, for the better!  And here's why...



"If it's not fun, why do it?"

~ Ben and Jerry (Also, Me)

Having your own business is supposed to be FUN!  It still can be.

Remember when your business was new and you were so excited about it.  Every day you woke up excited to plunge forward into making it work.  And then all of the little bits and pieces and daily tasks that need to be done started taking over.  Are you spending all day just trying to address your email inbox?  Are you waking up and instead of feeling passionate, you're feeling overwhelmed.  Or have you ever found yourself getting really frustrated with your workload and telling yourself you just aren't good at the business side of things.   I've heard it all.  I've said it all to myself!  But I'm here to tell you that creatives are not deficient at business!  We just need the proper support!  And creatives have unique support needs, as do their businesses.  

I currently have a successful photography business, but I also consult for other small businesses.  I only spend a fraction of my day on administrative tasks. leaving time for creative projects and new ideas, and marketing to gain even more business.  How do I have the time to do all that?  Well, I created for myself, what I've created for other businesses, large and small.  A way to track, manage and effectively use data, ways to create and manage tasks, with timelines that work to YOUR specific workflow.  Ways to click a button to replace tedious and repetitive tasks with fully branded, personalized communications.  Ways to scale your business with EASE and FUN so your bottom line grows but your overhead doesn't.  

Now, are you saying to yourself, "I've already tried other online programs and they just didn't work for me".  Me too! I can't tell you how many I tried.  They all seemed great on the surface, but as soon as all the set up was done and I tried to start actually using it, I started seeing how limited it was.  I couldn't brand things the way I wanted.  I couldn't make them look the way I wanted.  And I felt like I was being forced to do things in new ways that didn't really help me or move me forward.  

These all in one systems simply don't work because they try to please everyone.  And your business IS UNIQUE!  And has it's own way of doing things.  What you need is something catered specific to your needs and your processes... not something that tries to force you into new ways of doing things that don't work for you.  You need a business solution as unique as you and your business.  And I'm here to tell you that I can help you to streamline your lead management and administrative tasks in a way that will GIVE YOU YOUR LIFE BACK!  I've changed other small businesses way of thinking, working, doing and living.  And I can help you too!  

How can I promise all this?  Well, it's simple.  I built a multi-million dollar trading product in my early 20s and shortly thereafter, designed the software to support the product and all of it's supporting processes.  What does this mean?  It means I effectively programmed myself out of a job.  I created something that made mad amounts of money, and then created automated systems so efficient, that I was no longer needed!  And it was AWESOME.  I didn't think so at the time of losing my job, but I have since, effectively, worked with many business that DON'T NEED ME ANYMORE.  Because they've got the systems and know how in place to function, grow and take on new business and clients with ease.  

And, right now, I'm offering 5 creatives a unique opportunity to participate in a beta project to build customizable, fully branded, unique to your business systems at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Would you like to be one of those creatives?  (I can tell you right now, you really, really do).  If so, fill in the below form and I'll let you know if you've been chosen,

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I'll be compiling a list of all of the creatives who reach out and will choose 5, at random, to participate in the beta project.  And don't worry, if you aren't chosen for the beta group, I'll have offerings in the near future that you are not going to miss out on, and anyone who applied for the beta group will receive special discounts.  

This is worth it.  It's time to start getting your life back and putting the fun back in our business!



"I like my people deep, and my depth of field shallow."

~ Me




I have a flat hourly wedding photography rate of $895 per hour (2 hour minimum) and that fee includes:

  • shooting time with me as your photographer (I include a second shooter for bookings 4 hours or more)

  • all edited, full resolution image files with a print release allowing you to print at will for personal purposes

  • an online gallery for you to share with family and friends

Not included in that hourly is:

  • Travel to Hana or to locations other than Maui.  I'm super happy to travel worldwide to photograph your big day. But there are added travel fees for that



I do require a signed contract and 50% retainer in order to book a date.



If you want to chat first to go over any questions you might have or to check and see if you're date is available, email me using the below form and I'll get back to you within 48 hours: