Being an entrepreneur is hard. And having your own business can be lonely. Especially when you're struggling and it looks like everyone else has it all figured out. Well.. struggle no more. I offer several programs to help get you out of your rut, into the flow, and love being a business owner all over again.

To try to describe what Trish has done for my businesses seems like an impossible task - the question should really be, “What has Trish done for my LIFE?!”


Not sure what you need. Not sure where you’re going wrong? Needing to gain clarity about a project, your direction or just plain wtf is going on in your business and your life? This is the perfect opportunity to gain the clarity you need to move forward with powerful intention and direction. Clarity sessions are intensives that identify who you are, where you want to go and in how you’re holding yourself back. They say, awareness is the first step. This is a powerful first step towards having the life and business that you want..



So things are going great for you! So great, that you’re buried. Up to your eyeballs in work and not knowing if you should invest in hiring someone to help. The Nuts and Bolts review will review your entire process, start to finish, to identify what’s working, what isn’t and what the time sucks are. I have a keen eye for efficiency and an ability to quickly understand processes, identify problem areas and suggest effective solutions. This review will identify ways to eliminate redundancy and integrate automation, with concrete suggestions and resources on how to move forward.



Already know what you want… but don’t know how to get there? Whether you’ve had a Clarity Session with me or you’re already clear on your ideas and direction, Clarity in Motion will help you to devise a strategy and schedule and will provide the accountability you need to make good on the promises you’ll make to yourself. Sort out your priorities, get resources to help you move forward and start seeing progress towards your goals! This is a 4 - 12 week program depending on the specifics of what you want to accomplish.



The Efficient Automation Fast-track, also known as EFFICIENT AF, is for you if you’re ready to have a fully branded and customized-to-you system that is fun to use, intuitive and replaces time sucking, tedious tasks with automation. Keep all data and processes in one place, track progress, get reminders, rock the crap out of your business and GET YOUR LIFE BACK. This will change your life… no doubt… You want to be EFFICIENT AF. Trust me…

“I am no longer scared of the growth that my businesses are experiencing, now I am exited to scale!”
— Steph Smith, Owner, Set Collections and Garnish Craft Cocktails


Wait… I thought you were a photographer Trish… how the heck are you qualified to coach me?

I might not be. I’m not for everyone. But I’m definitely for you if you’re looking for someone who can:

  • see through your stories to who you really are and what you really need

  • be firm, honest and caring

  • get you on a positive track with your business (and life)

  • hold you accountable for your own life and progress

I have a background in holistic medicine, which has taught me to see you as a whole, your business and your life being totally intertwined. I make connections where others might not, and use a holistic approach to helping you and your business succeed.

I have a background in financial services. I built a multi-million dollar trading product when I was in my early twenties that went on to support a company of 70 people. I figure things out, I don’t quit and I get shit done.

I have a background in IT. I’ve designed software for several companies, am obsessed with efficiency and can easily understand complex requirements and specific company needs, processes and goals.

I am a creative and a small business owner. I understand the plight of the entrepreneur well. I run a successful photography business, on my own, with ease, using the processes and strategies I’ve developed over the years. I’ve done the same for other small businesses. And now I want to share what has overwhelmingly worked for all of us, with you.