Clarity In Motion


Clarity In Motion

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Who is it for?

Anyone who has clarity on what the want and where they want to be, but lacks the motivation, resources, ideas and accountability that is needed to get there.

What is it?

4-12 week program that includes weekly phone/skype sessions where we develop ideas, strategies, weekly goals and schedules and go over the previous weeks goals. Email support is provided throughout.

What is the point?

To get you moving in the direction you want. To give you the support, encouragement, accountability and resources to not only set goals, but meet them.

What do I get out of it?

A concrete schedule of movement towards your goals with the support and resources that you need to get there.

“Trish is nothing short of inspirational. Both professionally and personally, she is inimitable. A true leader, she empowers her clients. As a Business Coach, she nurtures your aspirations and creates tangible goals for you, and your business. In short, she not only cares, but also delivers. What more could you want?”

Yasamin Salavation, Rosewater Studio

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