I’ve always done things a bit backwards. I had the kid and the job before I had the house and the marriage. I signed my first lease for an apartment before I had the $ to pay for it. Sensible people analyze and then act. I act and then (over) analyze. And this bleeds into everything that I do.

As most sensible photographers are keeping up on the newest gear and gadgets, I’m cruising Ebay for used film cameras and dying film stocks. It does not make sense. But it feeds something in me that I’ve had ever since I was a small child.

I used to think that I was perpetually discontent. But I’m realizing that contentedness is in the process, not the end result. Which is why, once I hit a result, I feel empty and jump back into process… ass first.

So if you see me, and I’m doing things that don’t make sense, like shooting with old, temperamental film cameras, through flowers, into the light. Or taking huge leaps of faith after having my faith shattered repeatedly. Don’t worry. Seems I am destined to find beauty along the way.

black and white bride photo

Obsessed | Epic Maui Destination Elopement

I am OBSESSED with this wedding. 

Firstly, they eloped.  Which is such a smart idea.  Planning weddings is hard, and expensive, and often times turns into a crazy juggle of trying to make everyone in your family happy and taking a back seat to your own process.  I have the utmost respect for anyone who is brave enough to say f that.  I wasn't.  I wish I had been (but with my new single status... might have another chance in the future!)  

Secondly.  HER DRESS!  One of my FAVS of all time.  And I don't know if I'm giving away a secret here, but it was ONLY $40!!  Can you even believe that?  It was so perfect.

Thirdly, it was cloudy, then in rained, then the clouds opened up and the sun and I played as we often do.  Then it did it all over again.  I LOVE having so much light variety.  Feeds my light loving soul.

And lastly, they just rolled with it.  The rain didn't phase them, the masses of tourists that came in before we were done didn't phase them.  They were just so happy... I mean, look at those smiles and the laughter and the happy tears!!  I just can't even.  And I hate that saying... but it so fits right now.  Check out this epic Maui destination elopement...


Interested in booking your wedding or elopement with me?  Check out my wedding info page for all the deets and a link to book right online!

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding with Couture Events Maui

Been wanting to blog this wedding for a good while now.  The bride was a doll who was so timelessly beautiful and easy to photograph.  The groom was a total ham and had groomsmen as hammy as him.  And it had ALL of my favorite vendor peeps/friends!  Win/win/win/win.  I love those scenarios!

And it was so fun putting this post together.  I love how you can feel the fun... from beginning to end.  Laughter and love all the way through... 

Venue: Olowalu Plantation House
Event Planning and Design: Couture Events Maui
Craft Cocktail Catering: Garnish Cocktails
Dishware/Flatware/Glassware: Set Collections
Floral Design: Mandy Grace Designs
Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Silk Ribbon/Table Linens: Adorn Company
Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy
Furniture Rentals: Signature Maui
DJ: DJ Boomshot
Catering: Cater2U Maui
Film Developing/Processing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Wedding Photographer | Olowalu Plantation House Wedding with Couture Events Maui

Keawalai Congregational Church Wedding Photographer

I love that I've been shooting weddings on Maui for almost a decade and that there are still undiscovered places.  This was the first time I had a couple get married at the Keawalai Congregational Church and I have to say, it was really such a cool place for a wedding.  

The officiant was such a sweet guy, the church itself is so quaint and it's ocean side location right next to a beautiful beach sorta can't be beat.  If you're thinking about a church wedding on Maui, I'd definitely recommend it.

Juliana and Adam were so in love, so sweet and soooo gracious.  Check out the email she sent me before I even delivered her photos!!

I know that this is your business, but it felt like an honor to have you as our photographer. You’re so passionate and amazing at what you do and it’s really special you still use film. I think I must have looked through, not kidding, 34 different photographer websites before Kelly almost lost it. When I came across yours, I instantly loved and connected with the photos, especially the family shots. I love how you capture laughter! Thank you so much for being there on our day to capture those moments! I truly can’t wait to see!!
— Juliana

I super love my clients.  For reals y'all.

Keawalai Congregational Church Wedding

Ironwoods Beach Elopement with Best Friends!

So, totally in love with elopements.  Just the two of you.  So romantic.  But these two of took it up a notch... they eloped with their best friends in attendance... who were also a couple.  

So it was super personal and intimate, AND they had their best friends to celebrate it with them!  

It was amazing!  And Ironwoods beach in the morning?  OMG.

Ironwoods Beach Elopement

Beach Family Elopement

This elopement was especially sweet with the presence of their baby daughter as the flower girl.  She was such a character, and watching Reverend Kimo (my favorite officiant) with her was so ridiculously cute.  

Loved watching this family make it official together.  

Loved hearing the bride and grooms slight Boston accents.  Made me feel like I was home and I caught myself cutting my r's off the ends of words for a few days after this wedding.

Loved the fact that she's a florist on the east coast (check out and made her own bouquet and daughters flower haku by foraging the day of the wedding.

Loved the soft light and not so soft wind that played with the ribbons draped off of her bouquet.

And loved looking back through these photos a few months later to put thi post together....

Beach Elopement - Ironwoods Beach, Maui



Holy Crap | Maui Waterfall Wedding

Shooting a maui waterfall wedding is a mixed bag.  You've got pterodactyl sized mosquitos, you never know what the weather is going to do (I can't tell you how many times I've been rained on there!) and based on the weather, you don't know what the waterfall itself will be doing.  Most of the time, I'm driving there and I'm heading towards an ominous looking sky and stressing the whole way whilst driving... will it rain?  Do I have my umbrella?  Crap... I forgot my umbrella... better buy another one just incase (any guesses how many umbrellas I have now?)

But this day was... well... perfection.  The sun was out, I was driving towards blue sky (I stopped and got another umbrella anyways because I didn't want to jinx it), and when I arrived, literally EVERYTHING was lined up for an amazing wedding; calm water, sunny skies, and THESE TWO!!

Officiant: Tino Rosette
Location: Twin Falls
Brides Dress: Free People
Film Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Waterfall Wedding

Secret Beach Elopement

This Secret Beach elopement has a really special place in my heart.  

I made a decision at the beginning of this year to stay really true to myself in my work.  This means that I'm purposely disconnected from the wedding industry.  I don't follow other photographers on social media, I don't follow blogs for inspiration, I don't go for publishing or contests anymore and I really try my hardest to detach from the need for likes/followers on what I post.  

My objective is to be as empty as possible.  This way I'm open to the story of the couples and families that I'm working with.  Telling their story with photos, instead of telling some forced rendition of my own story.  This means that my ego doesn't get a lot of attention.  My numbers are low.  I don't get published often (only when other people submit my work or a publication reaches out to me).  

This is good.  As my ego is neglected, my work becomes more true and meaningful to my clients.  But that means that I've got to look for other ways to know that I'm on the right path.  Small noticings.  

And this wedding had so many of those little moments whilst shooting, that I walked away feeling really, really affirmed.

And then I got the scans back, and found that I'd inadvertently captured a photo that was almost identical to the photo that acts as the inspiration for my business.  Totally unplanned.  It just unfolded as it was intended.  These are the things that drive me.  That affirm that I should keep going when I feel like giving up, or feel like what I'm doing isn't of value.

Grateful for these moments.  And for my truly unique clients who, without fail, leave me wondering what in the hell I'm doing so right to get them!

In case you're wondering which photo I was referencing that made my day... below is a photo of my grandparents that is the inspiration for my business... and right below it... the photo from this elopement that was captured.  Their facial expressions and the feeling in the photo feels so similar... and the groom even kind of looks like my grandfather!

inspiration photo vs. photo I took

Maui Wedding Flower Inspiration

I've done quite a few shoots recently featuring Wildheart Flowers gorgeous dahlia's and so when I found out she lives in my neck of the woods... I kinda sorta begged her to let me come and hang out in her flowers.  

Her garden is amazing and she made some bouquets for what turned out to be a very soggy maui wedding photo shoot I did last week and they were GORGEOUS.  So if you love dahlias, and are looking for some maui wedding flower inspiration... feast your eyes...


If you're interested in any of these images as prints, check out my online store where you can choose your print, frame it and then see how it will look on your wall.

Intimate Maui Wedding

These two!  They were so incredibly sweet and so very in love.  They kept stealing away to have little private moments together; dancing, hugging, just looking in each other's eyes.  It was RIDICULOUS how cute it was.  And it was like the perfect example of what to do on your wedding day.  Make sure you're present and take time to check in with each other so the day doesn't slip away and you feel like "I hardly got to see you!"  

And they were also like... freaking super models.  Her elegance and beauty and his smolder... damn.  So freaking easy to photograph...



Photography: Trish Barker Photography
Event Planning: Bliss Weddings
Florals: Petals Maui
Venue/Catering: Sugar Beach Events
Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Kauai Elopement | Kauai Wedding Photographer

There's something about my people.  My people haven't had it easy.  They've had to battle their way through life.  Make their own path.  And travel alone for a good portion of that journey.  

To be able to witness two people who've come out the other side, not only better for it, but having found true love along the way, is such an honor.

So, to the photographer with whom these two originally booked, who all of a sudden had another wedding come up as soon as they found out it was a same sex couple; 

Without your ignorance I wouldn't have had this honor, so I thank you.  

But your ignorance causes pain, not only for others, but for you as well.  I pity the experience you are creating for yourself and others and I genuinely hope that you will one day see beyond it to what




Because you're missing it.  And this is what it looks like.  And it's fucking amazing...

Maui Beach Elopement | Sierra + Daniel

I've been getting a lot of intimate elopements recently.  And I have to say that I really, REALLY have a blast with them.  They are so intimate, and I have time to get to know the couple and really feel their connection, which I feel translates to much more real photos.  Photos where you can feel the love they share.  Did you know that because of Daniel's job, he can't wear metal... so Sierra had a silicon ring made with the inscription TRUTH + LOVE?  (two of my favorite things)

And did you know that she made her own bouquet and did her own hair while her makeup was being done?  I love a girl who can do it herself... and do it well.  Cause her bouquet was SO WELL DONE and her hair looked freaking amazing, which on Maui, is no easy task.

Here's some favorites from this super fun and super sweet Maui Beach Elopement.

Hair and Makeup: Makeup and Talent Hawaii
Location: Po'olenalena Beach
Developing and Scanning: The Find Lab


Maui Waterfall Elopement

The beauty of simplicity.  This wedding goes down as one of my favorite weddings EVER.

It involved getting ready, together, with their feet in the mud.  The dress getting wet before the ceremony, and that being totally okay.  Bug spray instead of perfume.

She wore earrings that she had been gifted as a flower girl, when she was 5 years old.  He donned a wooden bow tie that wore more like a piece of art. 

It involved thoughtfully written vows, tearfully exchanged at the foot of a waterfall.  And the applause of strangers who had happened by just in time for the first kiss.

And it involved champagne.  And laughter.  Lots of it.

It lacked absolutely nothing.

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Waite
Location: Twin Falls
Development & Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Waterfall Elopement




I remember when inspiration was a more internal experience.  When it was less about looking at Pinterest and more about seeing, hearing or even feeling something that inspired you and then playing with that idea in your own mind.  

I'd seen this old, abandoned church like 8 years ago.  I like places that are abandoned.  The lack of love and attention actually allows them to exist in their own way, and I suppose I like the rebellion and realness in that.  I sort of fell in love the with idea of shooting at this church one day and would often think about certain light drenched photos that I'd take there whenever I'd drive by that area and be reminded of it's existence.   But that particular location is frequently overcast.  And I stopped driving past that area so often.  And I kind of forgot that it even existed.

Come this past November, I had a styled shoot with a great local coordinator and dresses on loan from one of my favorite designers, and then the dresses didn't work (for a super wonderful reason ;), but still.  I had dresses on loan from a designer, and now no photos to show for it.  So I kind of went into a panic.  I did have my favorite model in town, but she was only going to be around for another 2 days... how the hell can I throw something together in 2 days?

By simplifying.  And focusing on what is most important to me.  Light drenched photos.  BOOM.  Go to that old church you've always wanted to shoot at!  But it's never drenched in light Trish.  Whatever... you have no options.  Just do it and make it work.

And we showed up super early, and the light was super flat.  And I was just in "get photos for the designer" mode.  And then the sun rose, and those light drenched images that I'd imagined in my mind all those years previous, became real.  

It is these experiences... these serendipitous situations that really help me to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And it just reminds me that it is so, so, so much more rewarding to create, nurture and grow your own ideas.  These images aren't mind-blowingly different.  And some of them are probably technically wrong.  But I fucking love them.  How they came about, how long they took to be realized.  They ARE a story.  And, apparently, I like telling stories with photos...

Maui Wedding Photographer

Gown: Griffyn by Maggie Sottero Designs
Hair + Makeup: Dacia Waller of Spa Lotus
Ribbon: Adorn Company
Film Developing + Scanning: The Find Lab