Adorn Company 2018 Collection

Things I get to look forward to each year; shooting Adorn Company's newest goodies.  They're always coming out with new ways to inject beauty into events and make photographer's jobs way easier.  And their newest 2018 Silk Ribbon Collection is here!  New hues ranging from bold and playful, to subtle and transformative.  Such a treat to shoot these and get to share them!




'ello Sailor!  This gorgeous navy hand-dyed silk ribbon is the perfect way to add a touch of soft, elegance to your nautical theme.

'ello Sailor!  This gorgeous navy hand-dyed silk ribbon is the perfect way to add a touch of soft, elegance to your nautical theme.



Bold and playful, yet delicate and feminine, Cecile brings warmth and beauty to the party.

Bold and playful, yet delicate and feminine, Cecile brings warmth and beauty to the party.



It's my party and I'll wine if I want to!  Syrah's deep, luscious hues bring bold sophistication.

It's my party and I'll wine if I want to!  Syrah's deep, luscious hues bring bold sophistication.



Sienna; understated and down to earth.

Sienna; understated and down to earth.



Sonora's subtle blush hues remind us of sandy desert dunes.

Sonora's subtle blush hues remind us of sandy desert dunes.



Pretty in pink, but with sophisticated earth tones.

Pretty in pink, but with sophisticated earth tones.


Head on over to Adorn Company today to shop their New 2018 Collection, and all the rest of their gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon options:


Interested in creating beautiful images for your business and website?  Contact me to today to inquire about a commercial shoot with Trish Barker Photography!

La Tavola Linen | Maui Grand Opening

When one of your most kindred spirits moves away from Maui and leaves you hanging, and then returns, wearing a cape made of insanely beautiful linen.

My pal Steph (I know a lot of awesome Steph's!) is the new Hawaii rep for La Tavola Fine Linen and it is SO RAD to have her back on Maui and along with her, these awesome linens to take weddings next.level.

The Grand Opening was a couple of weeks ago and it was draped in awesome.  Have a look-see at just some of what is now available for weddings and events on Maui (and Lanai, and Kauai, and... you get it... she's gonna cover all of Hawaii in awesome linens).

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Furniture Rentals: Signature Maui
Dinnerware/Flatware/Glassware: Set Maui
Beverage Service: Garnish Craft Cocktails
Catering: Cutting Edge Catering
Photo Booth: Spot Light Photo Booth Co.
Cookies: Maui Sweet Cakes (omg I ate like a whole plate of them... soooo good)
DJ: DJ Skinny Guy





Little Victories | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

Another for fun shoot with some of my fav people to work with.  This one has been featured on Cottage Hill Magazine's Lifestyle Blog, which is pretty rad.


What else is rad is we did this whole shoot which features a super yummy cake recipe, and at the end of the shoot, as I was stuffing my face with said cake, I saw the book that the recipe was from and it was Julia Turshen's cookbook Small Victories.

Anyone who knows me, knows that "little victories" has sort of become my motto.  Celebrating the small things as big wins.  So when I flipped the cover over and saw the title, I knew I was on the right path... which was, in and of itself, a little victory.

Photography by Trish Barker 
Production + Prop Styling by Shaunna Nygren 
Floral design by Mandy Grace Designs 
Linens + Napkins from Adorn 
Glassware + Serveware from Set Maui 
Pottery (ceramic dishes + coffee mugs) from Seeds + Stone 
Calligraphy by Alannah Anderson

Styling With Adorn Company | Special Offer

So I have this friend.  She's a florist; owner of Mandy Grace Designs.  She's got a similar appreciation as I do for things that are different.  Unexpected.  Every arrangement includes something foraged, and something less than perfect (YES!!).  And her creations are like... insane.  I don't know how else to explain them.  When you've got it you got it.  And she's got it.  And do you know what else she's got?  A freakin' Hasselblad you guys.  (for those who don't know, that is a KILLER medium format film camera that I'm likely going to steal from her one of these days whilst she's out foraging).  She loves film photography and has for a while.

So what do you get when you've got a killer florist, who loves photography, loves creating beauty and is always upping the ante?  You get ADORN COMPANY.  Which if you're florist, a photographer, a wedding designer or just a lover of pretty things, you need to know about them.  And this is why:


She started her own line of hand dyed silk ribbon because she couldn't find ribbon that suited the look she wanted for her own floral creations.  She's got a full line of gorgeous styles and hues, available to florists and designers alike, that beautifully accent the simplest of bouquets to the most elegant and elaborate creations.  Different widths, some clean, some with frayed edges.  All of them play in the gentle breeze in a way that makes me want to shoop. 



It's kind of like that thing that happens when you put a fresh coat of paint on your walls and then you look around and now you can't stand your couch, or your end tables, or that lamp.  Once she plunks down one of her beautiful floral masterpieces on a table, you instantly realize what else is missing.  So she created a line of gorgeous table runners and linens to perfectly dress any table and make it extra special.



Being a lover of photography herself, and knowing how often photographers find themselves in situations where creating a beautiful flat lay or vignette to showcase beloved details is near impossible with what is at hand, she's now released styling kits and styling boards to solve this problem.  With different sized styling boards to create the perfect elegant background, photographers are no longer forced to try and find an unstained portion of cushion or untainted surface when time is of the essence.  And with styling kits that include coordinating runner fabric, and varying sizes of silk ribbon on wooden spools that themselves are like my favorite thing (I'm stockpiling them), it's easy to create a cohesive and highly styled look even if you're sat in the middle of a garage (all of the photos below are, indeed, shot in a garage).


So hop on over to Adorn Company.  She's inadvertently made herself every florist's, wedding designer's and photographer's best friend by creating products that make our lives so much easier... and prettier,  And right now if you place an order for $75 or more by August 15, you can get 15% off by using code: trishbarkerphotography.

You're welcome!


Summer Wedding Cocktail Inspiration - Featured on Wedding Sparrow

Absolute favorite thing about this shoot? (besides the fact that it was with some of my dearest friends in the industry who are also bad ass lady bosses)  It was all born of a "mistake".  

When a floral shipment arrived a week early, Mandy Grace Designs had an abundance of beauty with a limited lifespan on her hands that she didn't want to waste.  In less than 24 hours, we were in her garage making magic.

The focus?  BOOZE of course!  Beautiful floral and cocktail pairings for your summer wedding.  I've included my favorite below, but you can check out more summer wedding cocktail inspiration on Wedding Sparrow featuring this and other pairings we did that day.

Summer Wedding Cocktail Inspiration




3/4 oz fresh pressed grapefruit

1/2 oz fresh pressed lemon

1/2 oz simple syrup (equal parts sugar & water)

1/4 oz Lillet Blanc

1 1/2 oz vodka


Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker and add ice.  Shake vigorously.  Strain into a coupe or small wine glass and garnish with grapefruit peel.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Trish Barker Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Mandy Grace Designs
CRAFT COCKTAILS: Garnish Craft Cocktail Catering
LINENS: Adorn Company
STYLING: Shaunna Nygren


I remember when inspiration was a more internal experience.  When it was less about looking at Pinterest and more about seeing, hearing or even feeling something that inspired you and then playing with that idea in your own mind.  

I'd seen this old, abandoned church like 8 years ago.  I like places that are abandoned.  The lack of love and attention actually allows them to exist in their own way, and I suppose I like the rebellion and realness in that.  I sort of fell in love the with idea of shooting at this church one day and would often think about certain light drenched photos that I'd take there whenever I'd drive by that area and be reminded of it's existence.   But that particular location is frequently overcast.  And I stopped driving past that area so often.  And I kind of forgot that it even existed.

Come this past November, I had a styled shoot with a great local coordinator and dresses on loan from one of my favorite designers, and then the dresses didn't work (for a super wonderful reason ;), but still.  I had dresses on loan from a designer, and now no photos to show for it.  So I kind of went into a panic.  I did have my favorite model in town, but she was only going to be around for another 2 days... how the hell can I throw something together in 2 days?

By simplifying.  And focusing on what is most important to me.  Light drenched photos.  BOOM.  Go to that old church you've always wanted to shoot at!  But it's never drenched in light Trish.  Whatever... you have no options.  Just do it and make it work.

And we showed up super early, and the light was super flat.  And I was just in "get photos for the designer" mode.  And then the sun rose, and those light drenched images that I'd imagined in my mind all those years previous, became real.  

It is these experiences... these serendipitous situations that really help me to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And it just reminds me that it is so, so, so much more rewarding to create, nurture and grow your own ideas.  These images aren't mind-blowingly different.  And some of them are probably technically wrong.  But I fucking love them.  How they came about, how long they took to be realized.  They ARE a story.  And, apparently, I like telling stories with photos...

Maui Wedding Photographer

Gown: Griffyn by Maggie Sottero Designs
Hair + Makeup: Dacia Waller of Spa Lotus
Ribbon: Adorn Company
Film Developing + Scanning: The Find Lab


New Blog for Trish Barker Photography

Okay everyone.  I'm back to blogging.  But I've also got a new website... and even though my new website service peeps told me I'd be able to import my existing blog into this one, alas... several days and error messages later... it ain't workin'.

So, I'm linking to my old blog here... and starting new.  So if you've hit this post, it is NOT the end of the line.  Lots more shiz to see by clicking below:

From a recent shoot with Adorn Company.  I'm addicted to her ribbon.  For reals.   Featuring sweet culinary gems from Set Maui.  Also addicted.  She's probably the coolest, most organized hoarder... ever.