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You know what I realized, today, when I decided I should go to TJ Max for a shower curtain?  People are EVERYWHERE!  And I was just like... why the hell are there so many people here?  And my son was like... Mom, it's the holidays... remember?


So I figured I'd offer a special for those of us who leave everything to the last minute.

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I P H O N E   C A S E S

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La Tavola Linen | Maui Grand Opening

When one of your most kindred spirits moves away from Maui and leaves you hanging, and then returns, wearing a cape made of insanely beautiful linen.

My pal Steph (I know a lot of awesome Steph's!) is the new Hawaii rep for La Tavola Fine Linen and it is SO RAD to have her back on Maui and along with her, these awesome linens to take weddings next.level.

The Grand Opening was a couple of weeks ago and it was draped in awesome.  Have a look-see at just some of what is now available for weddings and events on Maui (and Lanai, and Kauai, and... you get it... she's gonna cover all of Hawaii in awesome linens).

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Furniture Rentals: Signature Maui
Dinnerware/Flatware/Glassware: Set Maui
Beverage Service: Garnish Craft Cocktails
Catering: Cutting Edge Catering
Photo Booth: Spot Light Photo Booth Co.
Cookies: Maui Sweet Cakes (omg I ate like a whole plate of them... soooo good)
DJ: DJ Skinny Guy






I've been mulling this over for a while now.  I had some unbelievably epic mini sessions over this holiday season and found that I was able to deliver an insane number of solid images in a really short period of time.  So this got me thinking... do I really need a full hour to capture a family?  

And the truthful answer is yes... in the way that I truly want to capture families... yes... in the way that yields the level of work that you see on my instagram and website, yes.  In fact an hour is IDEAL.  Kids eyes start to glaze over at the hour mark, and I run out of film and ideas at that point, and the moments I'm able to capture in that time cover everything from the formal look and cheese that you want for your holiday cards, to the more meaningful and real moments that come with that comfort that sets in during the second half of a full hour session.

hawaii family photographer_0014.jpg

HOWEVER.  I know not everyone can afford a full session with me.  And the families that I work with each year during family mini session season always blow my mind and leave me wondering what I'm missing out on the rest of the year.  

So I have this idea.  And it might not work... but I'm going to give it a whirl and see what happens.

I'm now offering HALF FAMILY SESSIONS.  

Pretty straight forward concept.  Half the shooting time, half the film, half the photos, half the price.  There are some restrictions though... 

1.  Limited to 5 or fewer people
2. Limited to 9am on select weekdays only
3. Limited to select, preset, upcountry locations

So, ya... limitations.  Cause something's gotta give in order to make this happen, and it can't be my sanity.  But I think this could actually work out pretty well.

So, if you're interested, I'd say book... like now.  Or... like soon.  Cause it could end up that I'm about to bite off way more than I can chew, so this could be short lived.

To view details, or book a session click here!

maui family mini sessions_0017.jpg

Holy Crap | Maui Waterfall Wedding

Shooting a maui waterfall wedding is a mixed bag.  You've got pterodactyl sized mosquitos, you never know what the weather is going to do (I can't tell you how many times I've been rained on there!) and based on the weather, you don't know what the waterfall itself will be doing.  Most of the time, I'm driving there and I'm heading towards an ominous looking sky and stressing the whole way whilst driving... will it rain?  Do I have my umbrella?  Crap... I forgot my umbrella... better buy another one just incase (any guesses how many umbrellas I have now?)

But this day was... well... perfection.  The sun was out, I was driving towards blue sky (I stopped and got another umbrella anyways because I didn't want to jinx it), and when I arrived, literally EVERYTHING was lined up for an amazing wedding; calm water, sunny skies, and THESE TWO!!

Officiant: Tino Rosette
Location: Twin Falls
Brides Dress: Free People
Film Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Waterfall Wedding


Do you want to get as much of your holiday shopping done online so that you can avoid the parking nightmares, the crowds and having to put on pants unnecessarily? 

SAVE 20% 

(not applicable to photo shoots.  can not be combined with other offers)


Secret Beach Elopement

This Secret Beach elopement has a really special place in my heart.  

I made a decision at the beginning of this year to stay really true to myself in my work.  This means that I'm purposely disconnected from the wedding industry.  I don't follow other photographers on social media, I don't follow blogs for inspiration, I don't go for publishing or contests anymore and I really try my hardest to detach from the need for likes/followers on what I post.  

My objective is to be as empty as possible.  This way I'm open to the story of the couples and families that I'm working with.  Telling their story with photos, instead of telling some forced rendition of my own story.  This means that my ego doesn't get a lot of attention.  My numbers are low.  I don't get published often (only when other people submit my work or a publication reaches out to me).  

This is good.  As my ego is neglected, my work becomes more true and meaningful to my clients.  But that means that I've got to look for other ways to know that I'm on the right path.  Small noticings.  

And this wedding had so many of those little moments whilst shooting, that I walked away feeling really, really affirmed.

And then I got the scans back, and found that I'd inadvertently captured a photo that was almost identical to the photo that acts as the inspiration for my business.  Totally unplanned.  It just unfolded as it was intended.  These are the things that drive me.  That affirm that I should keep going when I feel like giving up, or feel like what I'm doing isn't of value.

Grateful for these moments.  And for my truly unique clients who, without fail, leave me wondering what in the hell I'm doing so right to get them!

In case you're wondering which photo I was referencing that made my day... below is a photo of my grandparents that is the inspiration for my business... and right below it... the photo from this elopement that was captured.  Their facial expressions and the feeling in the photo feels so similar... and the groom even kind of looks like my grandfather!

inspiration photo vs. photo I took



I can't even handle that it's almost the holiday season.  This year has FLOWN by.  

And so it's time for me to do my once a year HOLIDAY FAMILY MINI SESSIONS.  The one time of year when I do reduced price mini shoots.  Get those holiday card photos and then some.

Click below to get details or to book your time slot now.  Only 5 spots available and two are already booked...

Book a Half Family Session - Retainer Payment

Retainer to book a 30 minute HALF FAMILY SESSION with principle photographer Trish Barker on the island of Maui.  Total Session Fee is $500.  Remaining $200 balance is due the day of the shoot.

Half Session Restrictions are as follows:
- available at 9am on select weekdays only
- for 5 or less people only
- shoot location is limited to one of 3 possible Maui upcountry locations

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Little Victories | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

Another for fun shoot with some of my fav people to work with.  This one has been featured on Cottage Hill Magazine's Lifestyle Blog, which is pretty rad.


What else is rad is we did this whole shoot which features a super yummy cake recipe, and at the end of the shoot, as I was stuffing my face with said cake, I saw the book that the recipe was from and it was Julia Turshen's cookbook Small Victories.

Anyone who knows me, knows that "little victories" has sort of become my motto.  Celebrating the small things as big wins.  So when I flipped the cover over and saw the title, I knew I was on the right path... which was, in and of itself, a little victory.

Photography by Trish Barker 
Production + Prop Styling by Shaunna Nygren 
Floral design by Mandy Grace Designs 
Linens + Napkins from Adorn 
Glassware + Serveware from Set Maui 
Pottery (ceramic dishes + coffee mugs) from Seeds + Stone 
Calligraphy by Alannah Anderson

Maui Honeymoon Photo Shoot

Some of my favorite things;

- getting to see AND photograph past weddings couples again
- the color blue
- ballerina feet
- unexpected surprises
- cheese
- when things don't work out they way I expect and then fall apart into exactly what they're supposed to be.

Oh hey... this shoot has ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

I photographed these two when they got married, and it wasn't until the very last romantic shot that I took right before we went in to their reception that I noticed her ballerina feet.  And I was like... OH MY GAWD...  how did I not notice your feet?  I looked her dead in her face and I was like, if you ever come back to maui... you, me, toe shoes and an underwater photo shoot. 

And did you know that they came back to Maui for their two year anniversary?  And did you know that we did an underwater ballet shoot?  And wait... it gets better... did you know that we were able to do the shoot AT THE ACTUAL HOUSE THEY ORIGINALLY GOT MARRIED AT?  Wait... it gets better... did you know that the dress designer who designed her original wedding dress sent us two dresses for her to wear?  Wait, it gets even better... did you know that neither of the dresses they sent fit because SHE WAS PREGGERS!!  

I swear... so much good news... so much sweetness... and lots and lots of pretty to photograph.  And this shoot here led to this shoot and this shoot.  Win / Win / Win / Win / Win.  My favorite kind of situation.

Maui's Angels Weddings - coordination
Set Maui - dinnerware, glassware, flatware, food displays
Adorn Company - custom dyed runners and napkins
Maggie Sottero - dress not seen here... but seen here
Spa Lotus - hair and makeup
Caroline Pearl - catering
Cake Fanatics - cakes (and the dresses we ended up using for the shoot)

Maui Honeymoon Photo Shoot

So this last image is one of my favorite images of all time... and is now available in my Wall Art and Decor Print Shop.  Click the image below...

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The Mistake I Made When Planning My Wedding

Did I ever tell you about the time that I booked my wedding venue for my mid June wedding based on the presence of an AMAZING wisteria tree that draped the entire front of the venue,  only to find out, on my wedding day, that wisteria blooms in early May on the east coast?  

DERP.  No wisteria for me.  

So don't make the same mistake I did when planning my wedding.  If you're making choices based on landscape, gardens or flowers... do find out when they bloom.  Same goes for the flowers in your bouquets/centerpieces... because if you choose something out of season... you're going to pay for it (and weddings are expensive enough as it is).

But there is a sweet, silvery-purple lining to this mistake.  My sweet, dear husband, 14 years later, surprised me and bought me my very own wisteria tree... and this... this is it's first bloom.

Yup.  He's a keeper.

These, and other floral prints, available in my Wall Art and Decor Print Shop.

Wall Art + Decor | Fine Art Photographic Prints

When you're manic... down time is never down time. :)  I've got a quick break in photo shoots and so wanted to take a quick moment to introduce you to my Wall Art + Decor Print Shop.  I've had a print shop on my site for a while, but haven't put much time into it, but man oh man the pretty that I've been photographing lately... I don't have enough wall space in my own house so I thought I'd maybe extend to yours!

From bold to neutral, modern to contemporary, beautiful (and sometimes weird ;) ) photographic prints can act as a calming focal point or inspiration for a color palette you've been struggling to settle on.  Lots of different prints available both framed and unframed, color or black and white.  And some unique gift ideas too.

Check out my Wall Art + Gifts page maybe even get a special offer too...



Styling With Adorn Company | Special Offer

So I have this friend.  She's a florist; owner of Mandy Grace Designs.  She's got a similar appreciation as I do for things that are different.  Unexpected.  Every arrangement includes something foraged, and something less than perfect (YES!!).  And her creations are like... insane.  I don't know how else to explain them.  When you've got it you got it.  And she's got it.  And do you know what else she's got?  A freakin' Hasselblad you guys.  (for those who don't know, that is a KILLER medium format film camera that I'm likely going to steal from her one of these days whilst she's out foraging).  She loves film photography and has for a while.

So what do you get when you've got a killer florist, who loves photography, loves creating beauty and is always upping the ante?  You get ADORN COMPANY.  Which if you're florist, a photographer, a wedding designer or just a lover of pretty things, you need to know about them.  And this is why:


She started her own line of hand dyed silk ribbon because she couldn't find ribbon that suited the look she wanted for her own floral creations.  She's got a full line of gorgeous styles and hues, available to florists and designers alike, that beautifully accent the simplest of bouquets to the most elegant and elaborate creations.  Different widths, some clean, some with frayed edges.  All of them play in the gentle breeze in a way that makes me want to shoop. 



It's kind of like that thing that happens when you put a fresh coat of paint on your walls and then you look around and now you can't stand your couch, or your end tables, or that lamp.  Once she plunks down one of her beautiful floral masterpieces on a table, you instantly realize what else is missing.  So she created a line of gorgeous table runners and linens to perfectly dress any table and make it extra special.



Being a lover of photography herself, and knowing how often photographers find themselves in situations where creating a beautiful flat lay or vignette to showcase beloved details is near impossible with what is at hand, she's now released styling kits and styling boards to solve this problem.  With different sized styling boards to create the perfect elegant background, photographers are no longer forced to try and find an unstained portion of cushion or untainted surface when time is of the essence.  And with styling kits that include coordinating runner fabric, and varying sizes of silk ribbon on wooden spools that themselves are like my favorite thing (I'm stockpiling them), it's easy to create a cohesive and highly styled look even if you're sat in the middle of a garage (all of the photos below are, indeed, shot in a garage).


So hop on over to Adorn Company.  She's inadvertently made herself every florist's, wedding designer's and photographer's best friend by creating products that make our lives so much easier... and prettier,  And right now if you place an order for $75 or more by August 15, you can get 15% off by using code: trishbarkerphotography.

You're welcome!


In Home Photography | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

So there's all kinds of "style" terms in photography and so many of them are subjective and unclear.  One of those terms is "lifestyle photography".  Some people consider this a dark and moody editing style, some people consider it the location where you shoot, others consider it an approach to shooting itself, and LOTS of people use it that I personally don't think should.  I figure, since I use that term to describe my photography, I should be really clear what it means to me.

I want to capture "life".  Real life.  Real connections.  Photos that feel like how you live.  Photos that are memories.  And though I try really hard to create those types of photos wherever we are... the beach... a park... there's something next level about the photographs I take in peoples homes that makes me want to do more and more of it.  Easy to capture memories when you're in the place that most of your favorite memories are.

To me, lifestyle photography is an approach that I attempt to apply whether I'm in someones home, or on a beach, whether we've got lots of dreamy light or not much light to work with.  It's creating and capturing memories and having them look and feel as close to what they were in reality as possible.  

And I really, really want to do more of it in peoples homes.  And the following are just a couple snaps to show why...


Little Kisses | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

I attended another Yan Fam Way Workshop... pretty much the only photography workshop I'll attend (aside from Film School with Jonathan Canlas which I'm dying to go to for any of you looking to get me a belated birthday gift! ;) )  

Here's what I learned:

1.  Baby pigs are my kryptonite.  This was a gorgeous mamma, super hot dad, totally beautiful and rad, super friendly kids, at a gorgeous home, with the perfect kind of love filled chaos that is my favorite.  And instead of photographing them for every glorious moment, I sat and snuggled one of their tiny baby pigs.  For like an hour and a half.  I only shot like 2 rolls (and like three of those shots were of the baby pig).  So now I can add "baby pigs" right next to "cocktails" as "things that shouldn't be handed to me if you want photos".  

2.  I WANNA PHOTOGRAPH FAMILIES IN THEIR HOMES YOU GUYS!  I keep getting these rare opportunities to shoot families in their houses and it's rocking my world.  I want to photograph the guts of peoples lives... and that's so naturally present when people are in their own space.  But how the heck do you do that when most of your clients are people who've travelled to Maui, aren't anywhere near their homes and kinda want the beauty of Maui as their backdrop?  Ya... good question.  Haven't quite figured that out yet... but maybe that just means I need more Maui families to hire me??!!  Or maybe more families need to fly me to their homes??!! HINT HINT.  

3.  Gratitude is key.  Listening to this family's story was both heartbreaking and heart lifting.  And something this mamma said that she does to help her get by is by recognizing "little kisses from God"; the blessings, the smallest of things that go right even when so much feels it's going wrong.  This family makes an effort to keep their focus on the positive and appreciate all the little kisses along the way.  And there were plenty of little kisses going on... and they weren't just from the pig... ;)

So stay positive.  Focus on the good.  And if you live on Maui and are interested in having life's little moments artfully captured in photos, BOOK ME!  I really, really wanna!!

Maui Wedding Flower Inspiration

I've done quite a few shoots recently featuring Wildheart Flowers gorgeous dahlia's and so when I found out she lives in my neck of the woods... I kinda sorta begged her to let me come and hang out in her flowers.  

Her garden is amazing and she made some bouquets for what turned out to be a very soggy maui wedding photo shoot I did last week and they were GORGEOUS.  So if you love dahlias, and are looking for some maui wedding flower inspiration... feast your eyes...


If you're interested in any of these images as prints, check out my online store where you can choose your print, frame it and then see how it will look on your wall.

Intimate Maui Wedding

These two!  They were so incredibly sweet and so very in love.  They kept stealing away to have little private moments together; dancing, hugging, just looking in each other's eyes.  It was RIDICULOUS how cute it was.  And it was like the perfect example of what to do on your wedding day.  Make sure you're present and take time to check in with each other so the day doesn't slip away and you feel like "I hardly got to see you!"  

And they were also like... freaking super models.  Her elegance and beauty and his smolder... damn.  So freaking easy to photograph...



Photography: Trish Barker Photography
Event Planning: Bliss Weddings
Florals: Petals Maui
Venue/Catering: Sugar Beach Events
Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Family Photographer

This family hadn't done family photos in many, many years.  With one of their daughters heading off to college in the fall, they decided it was finally time.  

I love it when you can feel the love that families have for each other in the photos.  Every frame with these four was so filled with laughter and play and love.  Must.Share.

Maui Family Photographer

Summer Wedding Cocktail Inspiration - Featured on Wedding Sparrow

Absolute favorite thing about this shoot? (besides the fact that it was with some of my dearest friends in the industry who are also bad ass lady bosses)  It was all born of a "mistake".  

When a floral shipment arrived a week early, Mandy Grace Designs had an abundance of beauty with a limited lifespan on her hands that she didn't want to waste.  In less than 24 hours, we were in her garage making magic.

The focus?  BOOZE of course!  Beautiful floral and cocktail pairings for your summer wedding.  I've included my favorite below, but you can check out more summer wedding cocktail inspiration on Wedding Sparrow featuring this and other pairings we did that day.

Summer Wedding Cocktail Inspiration




3/4 oz fresh pressed grapefruit

1/2 oz fresh pressed lemon

1/2 oz simple syrup (equal parts sugar & water)

1/4 oz Lillet Blanc

1 1/2 oz vodka


Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker and add ice.  Shake vigorously.  Strain into a coupe or small wine glass and garnish with grapefruit peel.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Trish Barker Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Mandy Grace Designs
CRAFT COCKTAILS: Garnish Craft Cocktail Catering
LINENS: Adorn Company
STYLING: Shaunna Nygren