Maui Raw - Maui Food Photographer

I’m currently on a super restrictive diet that is driving me a bit bonkers. But there is one thing that is, literally, saving my butt through this process; Maui Raw. She makes these amazing dips and snacks that are adding flavor and depth to this diet that has very little flavor and depth. So I thought I’d share my four favorite things from Maui Raw so far and how I’m using them so I can feel a little bit more satisfied through this process.



These right here have added two things that have been seriously lacking and seriously driving me NUTS. Crunch and salt! You could put me in the candy aisle at any store and it won’t phase me at all… but if you put me near sour cream and onion Pringles… omg… like kryptonite. I made a deal with my doctor that any time I break on this diet, that I have to give my kids $20. So not only do these taste great, they are saving me money! There’s a ton of flavors and any time I feel like breaking on my diet, I reach for these and I feel human again.




So here’s another thing that I’m doing to get my chip fix. I’ve found that if you cut the bottoms off of brussels sprouts, that the leaves come off one by one and create these little dip scoops that are perfect for shoveling mass quantities of Lemony Garlic Love, one of my favorite Maui Raw Dips, down my gob.




THIS. So, this Italian girls is struggling HARD not having carbs. Pasta is in my blood. Probably literally. So this meal is a saving grace as it makes me feel like I’m having a real meal. Zoodles, with Spinach My Artichoke dip is like fettuccini alfredo! And there’s something super satisfying about zoodling zucchini’s…




This diet is heavy on cauliflower and broccoli. So finding ways to jazz them up so that I can eat them in different ways is a big focus. And this is one of my favorites. The Fig’n Curry dip on cauliflower makes me feel like I’m eating a delicious curry. So good.

So if you’ve got dietary restrictions (and even if you don’t! I’ve been obsessed with these for years without having any restrictions), you’ve got to know about Maui Raw. They’re super versatile, tasty af and they’re gluten free, vegan, paleo, ketogenic and non-dairy! You can find them at the upcountry Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, or look in the refrigerator section of Mana Foods, Alive and Well and Down to Earth.

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