Little Kisses | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

I attended another Yan Fam Way Workshop... pretty much the only photography workshop I'll attend (aside from Film School with Jonathan Canlas which I'm dying to go to for any of you looking to get me a belated birthday gift! ;) )  

Here's what I learned:

1.  Baby pigs are my kryptonite.  This was a gorgeous mamma, super hot dad, totally beautiful and rad, super friendly kids, at a gorgeous home, with the perfect kind of love filled chaos that is my favorite.  And instead of photographing them for every glorious moment, I sat and snuggled one of their tiny baby pigs.  For like an hour and a half.  I only shot like 2 rolls (and like three of those shots were of the baby pig).  So now I can add "baby pigs" right next to "cocktails" as "things that shouldn't be handed to me if you want photos".  

2.  I WANNA PHOTOGRAPH FAMILIES IN THEIR HOMES YOU GUYS!  I keep getting these rare opportunities to shoot families in their houses and it's rocking my world.  I want to photograph the guts of peoples lives... and that's so naturally present when people are in their own space.  But how the heck do you do that when most of your clients are people who've travelled to Maui, aren't anywhere near their homes and kinda want the beauty of Maui as their backdrop?  Ya... good question.  Haven't quite figured that out yet... but maybe that just means I need more Maui families to hire me??!!  Or maybe more families need to fly me to their homes??!! HINT HINT.  

3.  Gratitude is key.  Listening to this family's story was both heartbreaking and heart lifting.  And something this mamma said that she does to help her get by is by recognizing "little kisses from God"; the blessings, the smallest of things that go right even when so much feels it's going wrong.  This family makes an effort to keep their focus on the positive and appreciate all the little kisses along the way.  And there were plenty of little kisses going on... and they weren't just from the pig... ;)

So stay positive.  Focus on the good.  And if you live on Maui and are interested in having life's little moments artfully captured in photos, BOOK ME!  I really, really wanna!!