Styling With Adorn Company | Special Offer

So I have this friend.  She's a florist; owner of Mandy Grace Designs.  She's got a similar appreciation as I do for things that are different.  Unexpected.  Every arrangement includes something foraged, and something less than perfect (YES!!).  And her creations are like... insane.  I don't know how else to explain them.  When you've got it you got it.  And she's got it.  And do you know what else she's got?  A freakin' Hasselblad you guys.  (for those who don't know, that is a KILLER medium format film camera that I'm likely going to steal from her one of these days whilst she's out foraging).  She loves film photography and has for a while.

So what do you get when you've got a killer florist, who loves photography, loves creating beauty and is always upping the ante?  You get ADORN COMPANY.  Which if you're florist, a photographer, a wedding designer or just a lover of pretty things, you need to know about them.  And this is why:


She started her own line of hand dyed silk ribbon because she couldn't find ribbon that suited the look she wanted for her own floral creations.  She's got a full line of gorgeous styles and hues, available to florists and designers alike, that beautifully accent the simplest of bouquets to the most elegant and elaborate creations.  Different widths, some clean, some with frayed edges.  All of them play in the gentle breeze in a way that makes me want to shoop. 



It's kind of like that thing that happens when you put a fresh coat of paint on your walls and then you look around and now you can't stand your couch, or your end tables, or that lamp.  Once she plunks down one of her beautiful floral masterpieces on a table, you instantly realize what else is missing.  So she created a line of gorgeous table runners and linens to perfectly dress any table and make it extra special.



Being a lover of photography herself, and knowing how often photographers find themselves in situations where creating a beautiful flat lay or vignette to showcase beloved details is near impossible with what is at hand, she's now released styling kits and styling boards to solve this problem.  With different sized styling boards to create the perfect elegant background, photographers are no longer forced to try and find an unstained portion of cushion or untainted surface when time is of the essence.  And with styling kits that include coordinating runner fabric, and varying sizes of silk ribbon on wooden spools that themselves are like my favorite thing (I'm stockpiling them), it's easy to create a cohesive and highly styled look even if you're sat in the middle of a garage (all of the photos below are, indeed, shot in a garage).


So hop on over to Adorn Company.  She's inadvertently made herself every florist's, wedding designer's and photographer's best friend by creating products that make our lives so much easier... and prettier,  And right now if you place an order for $75 or more by August 15, you can get 15% off by using code: trishbarkerphotography.

You're welcome!