Maui Branding Photographer


I LOVE working on branding shoots with people. Especially when those people and their businesses are totally in line with who I am. I met Yasamin, unexpectedly, in Thailand. She was one of 3 misfits that I instantly bonded with and we literally laughed our way through the entire week we were there.

She is definitely unique. She has strong opinions, the bravery to voice them, crazy humor and a brilliance with words that I so appreciate. And she has a depth that is uncommon.

She is the creator of Rosewater Studios, where she’s helping business owners to discover and cultivate their brand voice, and then write powerful and converting copy. She is sassy, and strong and yet loves all the pretty things. She can cut straight to the point (always my favorite), or dance you around with poetic metaphors and clever cadence. But what’s most striking is not her ability to help people discern their true voice, but her ability to take on that persona and create effective copy as though it is you. The gift of a true copy writer.

Yassi came out to visit me in Maui a couple weeks after Thailand. And once she was here, we decided, last minute, to do a branding shoot. This came together in, literally, hours. Super grateful to Mandy of Adorn Company and Steph of Set Collections for always landing a hand, and beautiful things.

Her website is almost done. You’re going to want to watch her… or better yet… hire her. And I actually JUST found out that she’s giving a away A FREEBIE! Click here to get her Unravel Your Brand FREE Workbook!


I had the most amazing brand shoot with Trish. It was I N S A N E L Y awesome. The most engaging and absolutely comfortable and hilarious experience I have ever had.
— Yasamin Salavation, Owner, Rosewater Studio