Happy Self Love Day GIVEAWAY!

So, Valentines Day. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Can you guess which camp my single ass is in?

Self Love Sessions Trish Barker Photography

I freaking LOVE this day. Last year I renamed it “Self Love Day” and ever since then, it’s become one of my favorite days of the year, mainly, because I started some new traditions:

  1. TREAT YO SELF! - definitely stole this one from Donna and Tom, but it’s a good one to steal. I am super good to myself on Self Love Day. If there’s a dress I’ve been wanting? I buy it. If there’s a place I’ve wanted to go, I go there. Self Love Day is about loving myself. It’s about saying yes to myself. Treating myself. Because I’m worth it and I don’t need to hear that from anyone but me to know it’s true.

  2. TREAT OTHERS - another tradition I started was buying bunches of roses and giving them out to strangers. I don’t need to know them. They don’t need to know me. But everyone deserves a little love, and I’ve been given so much love over the past year and a half that I am overflowing with love to pay forward. It is so awkward at first. But as the awkwardness subsides, and the smiles flow out of strangers… it gets addictive.

Self Love Sessions Trish Barker Photography

So I definitely treated myself this year. I went ahead and booked myself a boudoir shoot. I’m scared AF, but I also know that I need to celebrate my post cancer body and so I’m doing it. Out of my comfort zone I go!

And then I was wondering, how can I treat others this year? I’ll likely do flowers again, because the experience genuinely brings me so much joy. But I wanted to up the ante… so I’m going to help someone else to TREAT YO SELF by giving away one of my favorite types of sessions… a SELF LOVE SESSION!


So this isn’t a gimmick where I’m trying to gain followers or likes. This is a genuine show of love in the hopes that it will inspire others to love themselves. All you have to do to enter is to type FIVE NICE THINGS about yourself in the comments below, or on my instagram post. (FIVE NICE THINGS is another of my favorite traditions… if you’re unfamiliar with it… read this) That will automatically enter you to win a SELF LOVE SESSION with me.

A SELF LOVE session can be anything you want. It can be boudoir if you want, or it can be you chilling at your favorite spot, or it can be you with your fur baby…. you name it… Self Love is all about doing something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t allowed yourself yet. 30 minutes, 6 rolls of film, and photos of you that you love, doing something that you love, or just being in love with yourself and with life.

Disclaimers: It’s got to be five NICE things about you. So like, “I’m smart”, or “I’m a good friend”. And you’ve got to be on Maui to cash this offer in. And I can’t do Hana (cause I’m too scared to drive that road)

So go ahead. Say FIVE NICE THINGS about yourself in the comments below. (If you need help getting started, around here we usually start with “I’m good at saying good things about myself” to get things rolling… see… now you only need to come up with 4… what’s stopping you?)