Secret Beach Elopement

This Secret Beach elopement has a really special place in my heart.  

I made a decision at the beginning of this year to stay really true to myself in my work.  This means that I'm purposely disconnected from the wedding industry.  I don't follow other photographers on social media, I don't follow blogs for inspiration, I don't go for publishing or contests anymore and I really try my hardest to detach from the need for likes/followers on what I post.  

My objective is to be as empty as possible.  This way I'm open to the story of the couples and families that I'm working with.  Telling their story with photos, instead of telling some forced rendition of my own story.  This means that my ego doesn't get a lot of attention.  My numbers are low.  I don't get published often (only when other people submit my work or a publication reaches out to me).  

This is good.  As my ego is neglected, my work becomes more true and meaningful to my clients.  But that means that I've got to look for other ways to know that I'm on the right path.  Small noticings.  

And this wedding had so many of those little moments whilst shooting, that I walked away feeling really, really affirmed.

And then I got the scans back, and found that I'd inadvertently captured a photo that was almost identical to the photo that acts as the inspiration for my business.  Totally unplanned.  It just unfolded as it was intended.  These are the things that drive me.  That affirm that I should keep going when I feel like giving up, or feel like what I'm doing isn't of value.

Grateful for these moments.  And for my truly unique clients who, without fail, leave me wondering what in the hell I'm doing so right to get them!

In case you're wondering which photo I was referencing that made my day... below is a photo of my grandparents that is the inspiration for my business... and right below it... the photo from this elopement that was captured.  Their facial expressions and the feeling in the photo feels so similar... and the groom even kind of looks like my grandfather!

inspiration photo vs. photo I took