Kauai Elopement | Kauai Wedding Photographer

There's something about my people.  My people haven't had it easy.  They've had to battle their way through life.  Make their own path.  And travel alone for a good portion of that journey.  

To be able to witness two people who've come out the other side, not only better for it, but having found true love along the way, is such an honor.

So, to the photographer with whom these two originally booked, who all of a sudden had another wedding come up as soon as they found out it was a same sex couple; 

Without your ignorance I wouldn't have had this honor, so I thank you.  

But your ignorance causes pain, not only for others, but for you as well.  I pity the experience you are creating for yourself and others and I genuinely hope that you will one day see beyond it to what




Because you're missing it.  And this is what it looks like.  And it's fucking amazing...