Intimate Maui Wedding

These two!  They were so incredibly sweet and so very in love.  They kept stealing away to have little private moments together; dancing, hugging, just looking in each other's eyes.  It was RIDICULOUS how cute it was.  And it was like the perfect example of what to do on your wedding day.  Make sure you're present and take time to check in with each other so the day doesn't slip away and you feel like "I hardly got to see you!"  

And they were also like... freaking super models.  Her elegance and beauty and his smolder... damn.  So freaking easy to photograph...



Photography: Trish Barker Photography
Event Planning: Bliss Weddings
Florals: Petals Maui
Venue/Catering: Sugar Beach Events
Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab