Magnus 4 Life

So I'll tell you a story.  This one year, I had this thing where I'd accidentally start calling all my grooms "Alvin" mid wedding.  I don't know why.  I knew their names (and likely had them written on my wrist... photographer secrets 101).  But for some reason, I'd just start calling them Alvin and then be like... did I just call you Alvin?  And they'd be like... um... ya.  I've only had one groom named Alvin... apparently he must have left an impression on me?!  

But you know what's funny?  I hired Jonathan Canlas to come and shoot my family photos this past year, and he DID THE EXACT SAME THING!  For some reason, halfway through the shoot, he started calling my husband Magnus.  And it cracked me up so hard because 1. I'm not the only one who does this and 2.  FREAKING MAGNUS!!  We are always coming up with new nicknames in our household.  Mine has been "Porkball" for freaking 15 years (awesome).  But husband's has morphed throughout the years from Boobejaan (baboon in Afrikaans), to Gavilina, to Mr. Tight Pants (he's a long distance cyclist... hello spandex) to a myriad of others that probably aren't appropriate to share on a professional blog ;).  

Well now, he's Magnus.  Forever.

The OTHER funny thing that happened was that Jonathan Canlas was able to get my husband to take his shirt off for the last part of our shoot, which resulted in some stellar photos of the hubs in all his shirtless glory.  Photos that ended up being shared on his instagram account followed by the hashtag #magnus4life.

So I am now engaged in an epic instagram battle of the shirtless dudes.  So when I got to see one of my first wedding couples EVER again this December, along with their family, I was like... um... I have this thing with a dude named magnus and partial nudity... are you game?

Well, the ball is in your court Mr. Canlas...  Magnus4Life

Disclaimer: no one was called Alvin in the making of these photos