Oahu Family Photographer

Ya... so.... you guys... Jonathan freakin' Canlas hired me to shoot his family photos!!!  I'm still tripping.  I mean, people are people right... and I don't really care who you are as long as you're a good person... but this guy is like... the guru of film... super amazing photographer (I hired him for my family shoot last year)... super amazing business man... owner of my film lab... key to bringing film shooting back into the industry... and he's just unapologetically himself and that is one of my favorite qualities in a human.  

You know what else he is?  

Kind.  Heart of gold.  I feel so incredibly grateful to know him.  And for the opportunity to witness and capture him, his angel-eyed-wife and their six... that's right SIX... amazing kids.  They helped carry my bags.  They helped load film in my camera.  And they were totally okay with the fact that I couldn't keep track of who I'd photographed cause... ya... SIX kids.

They were all so sweet, and so fun, and I now have a photo of Jonathan Canlas pulling his nose hairs...

A little bit messy is real... and that's DEFINITELY where my sweet spot is.  
L  I  F  E   +   L  O  V  E   +   F  I  L  M