La Tavola Linen | Maui Grand Opening

When one of your most kindred spirits moves away from Maui and leaves you hanging, and then returns, wearing a cape made of insanely beautiful linen.

My pal Steph (I know a lot of awesome Steph's!) is the new Hawaii rep for La Tavola Fine Linen and it is SO RAD to have her back on Maui and along with her, these awesome linens to take weddings next.level.

The Grand Opening was a couple of weeks ago and it was draped in awesome.  Have a look-see at just some of what is now available for weddings and events on Maui (and Lanai, and Kauai, and... you get it... she's gonna cover all of Hawaii in awesome linens).

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Furniture Rentals: Signature Maui
Dinnerware/Flatware/Glassware: Set Maui
Beverage Service: Garnish Craft Cocktails
Catering: Cutting Edge Catering
Photo Booth: Spot Light Photo Booth Co.
Cookies: Maui Sweet Cakes (omg I ate like a whole plate of them... soooo good)
DJ: DJ Skinny Guy