Keawalai Congregational Church Wedding Photographer

I love that I've been shooting weddings on Maui for almost a decade and that there are still undiscovered places.  This was the first time I had a couple get married at the Keawalai Congregational Church and I have to say, it was really such a cool place for a wedding.  

The officiant was such a sweet guy, the church itself is so quaint and it's ocean side location right next to a beautiful beach sorta can't be beat.  If you're thinking about a church wedding on Maui, I'd definitely recommend it.

Juliana and Adam were so in love, so sweet and soooo gracious.  Check out the email she sent me before I even delivered her photos!!

I know that this is your business, but it felt like an honor to have you as our photographer. You’re so passionate and amazing at what you do and it’s really special you still use film. I think I must have looked through, not kidding, 34 different photographer websites before Kelly almost lost it. When I came across yours, I instantly loved and connected with the photos, especially the family shots. I love how you capture laughter! Thank you so much for being there on our day to capture those moments! I truly can’t wait to see!!
— Juliana

I super love my clients.  For reals y'all.

Keawalai Congregational Church Wedding