In Home Photography | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

So there's all kinds of "style" terms in photography and so many of them are subjective and unclear.  One of those terms is "lifestyle photography".  Some people consider this a dark and moody editing style, some people consider it the location where you shoot, others consider it an approach to shooting itself, and LOTS of people use it that I personally don't think should.  I figure, since I use that term to describe my photography, I should be really clear what it means to me.

I want to capture "life".  Real life.  Real connections.  Photos that feel like how you live.  Photos that are memories.  And though I try really hard to create those types of photos wherever we are... the beach... a park... there's something next level about the photographs I take in peoples homes that makes me want to do more and more of it.  Easy to capture memories when you're in the place that most of your favorite memories are.

To me, lifestyle photography is an approach that I attempt to apply whether I'm in someones home, or on a beach, whether we've got lots of dreamy light or not much light to work with.  It's creating and capturing memories and having them look and feel as close to what they were in reality as possible.  

And I really, really want to do more of it in peoples homes.  And the following are just a couple snaps to show why...