Kauai Family Photographer - Kauai Family Portraits

Get this; we hiked like 20 minutes to our location, she on a broken foot, me with a busted knee. Her son was grumpy af and hates having his photo taken. Her husband didn’t know about the shoot until it was time to leave for it and it turns out, he’d had a root canal that day. And I had just horked down a bunch of sugar in the hopes that it would tame the massive migraine I’d had for 3 days that no painkiller could fix.

Recipe for disaster right?

Recipe for M A G I C !

I guess I’m a bit of a masochist because easy doesn’t seem to bring me as much joy as having to work for it. Getting my scans back and finding so many gems with Mr. Grumpy Teenager smiling real smiles was SO GRATIFYING! And Dad… Dad kinda rocked it! They all did. I love real families, real fun, real chaos.

I WIN!! And so do they.