Obsessed | Epic Maui Destination Elopement

I am OBSESSED with this wedding. 

Firstly, they eloped.  Which is such a smart idea.  Planning weddings is hard, and expensive, and often times turns into a crazy juggle of trying to make everyone in your family happy and taking a back seat to your own process.  I have the utmost respect for anyone who is brave enough to say f that.  I wasn't.  I wish I had been (but with my new single status... might have another chance in the future!)  

Secondly.  HER DRESS!  One of my FAVS of all time.  And I don't know if I'm giving away a secret here, but it was ONLY $40!!  Can you even believe that?  It was so perfect.

Thirdly, it was cloudy, then in rained, then the clouds opened up and the sun and I played as we often do.  Then it did it all over again.  I LOVE having so much light variety.  Feeds my light loving soul.

And lastly, they just rolled with it.  The rain didn't phase them, the masses of tourists that came in before we were done didn't phase them.  They were just so happy... I mean, look at those smiles and the laughter and the happy tears!!  I just can't even.  And I hate that saying... but it so fits right now.  Check out this epic Maui destination elopement...


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