Hawaii Family Photographer - Maui Four Seasons Resort

I remember editing this session… I was on, like, hour 48 of travel… no sleep… my knee was killing me and I was sitting there at midnight, in LAX, observing the dude riding the little zamboni floor waxer thingy and wondering if he would let me give it a go (the zamboni, that is). And then my film scans came in! And so I spent the remainder of my layover editing this session and smiling ear to ear.

And then you know what? I delivered it to the clients and forgot to share it. Because it was another 16 hours before I was home and then… you know… LIFE.

So I’m kind of glad that my computer threw up that “you’re running out of space again Trish” notification just a bit ago and I was forced to go through and compress files. Came upon this session and was like “Why have I not shared this!”

Came upon other sessions as well… and have a line up of scans in my inbox waiting for me now. So there’s gonna be a whole lotta sharing goin’ on here.

But for now, sharing this Maui Four Seasons Resort Family Photography Session that resulted in my favorite double exposure to date (and saved the zamboni floor waxer dude from me harassing him until I got to drive it.)