Year number four photographing the Magic Family! And we got rained out of our original location and I was so bummed… until they suggested that I come to their house to shoot. Their brand new house. Their brand new modern, contemporary house with amazing windows and light and…. their new KITTENS!

Honestly, it might seem weird to some to have your pets in your shoot, but to me it seems weird to have my family shoot without my animals. And there’s something really special to having a shoot when you first get them. They are little for such a short time, and capturing them as babies is awesome. I’ve actually got two family shoots coming up in the next couple of weeks, both that just got puppies (and I just found out that they both got their puppies from the same litter! Small world)

Not gonna say that the kittens were stoked to see me, but the rest of the family was. And they brought their magic… as usual…