Awesome AF

I’ve been doing this for a while. Quietly. I still don’t know why it feels hard to share. To make a statement and to offer myself up, publicly, in this capacity. But I know that the fact that it feels hard means it needs to be done. I’ve likened making this announcement to stripping naked and standing in front of people and saying… hey… this is me.

Because it really is me. I have been helping people to own their awesome, find more fulfilling paths and create amazing bottom lines for themselves for 20 years. And I’m really good at it.

I am an uplifter. I am a helper. And I am a kick ass business woman. And the universe (and my past clients) have been nudging me to stop making my gifts small and start sharing them on a larger scale.

So, I’m announcing Awesome-AF. Something I’m already doing, but not many might know. Business Coaching, Process Management Systems and Business Support that expands beyond trying to best algorithms, win followers or get more likes, but instead helps you to truly define what success means for you and why, and create solid ways to get you there. It’s deep work. It’s powerful work. And… get this… it’s FUN.

To try to describe what Trish has done for my businesses seems like an impossible task - the question should really be, “What has Trish done for my LIFE?!”
— Steph Smith, Garnish Craft Cocktails and Set Collections Maui

Just putting it out there, sort of officially. I’ve got a limited number of slots open for new clients. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business, are struggling to find clarity, find yourself stressed about money or are desperate for help to keep up with the demands as your business grows… my only question is: “Are you ready to receive?” If the answer is yes, you’re ready to be Awesome-AF.

WTF is Awesome-AF?