Amazingly Authentic

You know what’s not authentic anymore? The word authentic. It’s kind of like the word amazing. When I was young, amazing was a word limited to big, well… amazing things… like unusual and awesome things. Like that new machine that took those shiny discs and let you play music and actually skip to the song that you wanted, and better yet, play it on REPEAT, instead of busting out your finger holding the rewind button down, repeatedly, with your cassette player. That shit was AMAZING.

photo credit:  Dmitri & Sandra

photo credit: Dmitri & Sandra

Amazing wasn’t a word that was used every day. So when someone said it… it had IMPACT.

Today I called my kids amazing, which they are! But I also called my taco amazing… so… you see the issue, yes? Overuse leads to dilution which leads to things losing their true meaning.

I’ve been working quietly on my copy for my business for a while with Rosewater Studio, and I keep running into an issue. All of the words that truly describe me (real, honest, authentic, original) are ALL OVER THE WEB. Everyone is using them. Which makes them white noise. Which makes describing yourself when you actually ARE real, honest and authentic… well… a bitch (also something that could be used to describe me depending on your perception of strong, intelligent, successful women)

Here’s the thing though. Being authentic? Like truly authentic? It’s not really fun. It’s risky. It means you honor who you are and what you’re feeling in the moment, regardless of what others thoughts or feelings are about the subject. You are who you are, before you determine if it’s cool or socially acceptable to be that way. You are who you are, even when being who you are makes others uncomfortable. And something I’m experiencing quite a lot lately, is lots of people saying “be authentic” and “be you” and then they kind of shit themselves when you are. And it’s kind of like… would you like some fries with that irony?

Photo Cred:  Dmitri & Sandra

Photo Cred: Dmitri & Sandra

So I’m trying to figure out what words I can use to describe myself, that will hold their meaning and truly describe me so that potential clients can see… hey… she’s the real deal… I’ve gotta hire her right now!

And do you know what I realized?

I don’t think my job is to find words with the right meaning. I think my job is to put the proper meaning back into those words.

Hi. I’m Trish. I’m authentic, real and honest. So are my photos. I care more about who you are than what you say. I care more about what you do with what you have, than how much you have. I care more about the joy and respect you put into your job, than what you actually do for a living. I care more about how you treat people, than how many followers you have on Instagram. I prefer truth over flattery, even if it might hurt my feelings. I prefer truth over EVERYTHING actually. I deliver emotive photos. I like a little bit of real in there too, so I don’t mind if your kid picks his nose or you wear puddle boots with your wedding dress (I’d prefer that, actually). I’m interested in who you really are and in capturing that true you on film. I want to show you your beauty, and the beauty of the life and love that surrounds you, as imperfect as it can be. And I’m about to put the real back in the word real. And actually, upon reflection, I guess I’ve been doing that all along.

And that’s pretty amazing…