Learning is Fun!

Hahahahaha... not really.  Not the real learning.  The situations that teach us what we really need to know about ourselves are usually pretty freaking un-fun.   But this lesson, that this beautiful lady brought into my life.. ya... it was fun... and MAN was that a welcomed break from the "I'm gonna shove this lesson down your throat covered in sand paper" type of learning that's been happening over in my neck of the palm trees lately.

You see, we're all creating our own experience.  And I've always wondered how I manage to connect with the best people as clients.  It's too often to be a fluke.  But I've always just nudged it away as a string of luck that will one day probably end.  But you know why I really connect with the best people as clients?  


There.  I said it.  Time to own that shiz.  And that's what this girl taught me.  Cause she was nervous as all hell when we started (which makes perfect sense.  She's an amazing photographer, check her out here, and photographers typically HATE being on the other side of the camera).  But as soon as she let her guard down and just had fun and let herself really be herself... BOOM.  DAMN.  The beauty.  

So quit overthinking everything.  Set things up as best you can and then let them fall apart into exactly what they're supposed to be.  And trust that things will be at their best... YOU will be at your best... in those moments of trust and letting go.  Cheers to this beauty for reminding me that easy, fun lessons, still exist!  And for rocking her session.  Like fire baby...