Maui Honeymoon Photo Shoot

Some of my favorite things;

- getting to see AND photograph past weddings couples again
- the color blue
- ballerina feet
- unexpected surprises
- cheese
- when things don't work out they way I expect and then fall apart into exactly what they're supposed to be.

Oh hey... this shoot has ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

I photographed these two when they got married, and it wasn't until the very last romantic shot that I took right before we went in to their reception that I noticed her ballerina feet.  And I was like... OH MY GAWD...  how did I not notice your feet?  I looked her dead in her face and I was like, if you ever come back to maui... you, me, toe shoes and an underwater photo shoot. 

And did you know that they came back to Maui for their two year anniversary?  And did you know that we did an underwater ballet shoot?  And wait... it gets better... did you know that we were able to do the shoot AT THE ACTUAL HOUSE THEY ORIGINALLY GOT MARRIED AT?  Wait... it gets better... did you know that the dress designer who designed her original wedding dress sent us two dresses for her to wear?  Wait, it gets even better... did you know that neither of the dresses they sent fit because SHE WAS PREGGERS!!  

I swear... so much good news... so much sweetness... and lots and lots of pretty to photograph.  And this shoot here led to this shoot and this shoot.  Win / Win / Win / Win / Win.  My favorite kind of situation.

Maui's Angels Weddings - coordination
Set Maui - dinnerware, glassware, flatware, food displays
Adorn Company - custom dyed runners and napkins
Maggie Sottero - dress not seen here... but seen here
Spa Lotus - hair and makeup
Caroline Pearl - catering
Cake Fanatics - cakes (and the dresses we ended up using for the shoot)

Maui Honeymoon Photo Shoot

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