The Mistake I Made When Planning My Wedding

Did I ever tell you about the time that I booked my wedding venue for my mid June wedding based on the presence of an AMAZING wisteria tree that draped the entire front of the venue,  only to find out, on my wedding day, that wisteria blooms in early May on the east coast?  

DERP.  No wisteria for me.  

So don't make the same mistake I did when planning my wedding.  If you're making choices based on landscape, gardens or flowers... do find out when they bloom.  Same goes for the flowers in your bouquets/centerpieces... because if you choose something out of season... you're going to pay for it (and weddings are expensive enough as it is).

But there is a sweet, silvery-purple lining to this mistake.  My sweet, dear husband, 14 years later, surprised me and bought me my very own wisteria tree... and this... this is it's first bloom.

Yup.  He's a keeper.

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