Single Mom Photo Shoot Giveaway Winners!

I am super happy to say that because of the overwhelming response to the giveaway, and the super sweet and compelling nominations that came in, I was able to find SIX photographers who were willing to donate half hour family mini sessions to this giveaway!  Additionally, I've added another family mini session myself to try and create as many winners as possible.  So I'm able to list 8 winners of this giveaway!!!

I've run the random number generator to find our winners and below is our list of winners along with their corresponding photographer!

Anabelle Hernandez  -  Trish Barker Photography
Mel Abon  -  Trish Barker Photography
Amanda Kimmel  -  Ajja Photography
Shevaun Bitzig  -  Images by Jeffrey
Jen Dempsey  -  Barb Toyama Photos
Danielle (with twin daughters and no last name listed ;)) -  Island Fresh Photography
Jana Trhlikova  -  Mariah Milan Photography
Cori Beebout  -  Infinity Photography

I am SOOO touched by the stories that have come in and am so impressed with each and every single mamma who was nominated.  You are all definitely so loved!!

And I am so thankful for the photographers who jumped in to help me with this giveaway.  So incredibly grateful for your talents and generous hearts.

From me and mine, to you and yours... Happy Mother's Day!

Photo by  Yan Photography