Why I'm Mad At The Find Lab

The Find Lab is who develops and scans all of my film.  Before I get into why I'm mad at them, it's only fair that I cover three things that they do really well.  


Firstly, they provide amazing scans at the best price.  I hear so many stories of photographers struggling with their film scans to get them right, and yet I get scans from The Find Lab, every time, that I smile ear to ear from and often just save in a folder and send right to the client.  I use their basic scans, which are best priced in the business, and rarely have to touch them.  Do you know what this means?  This means I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!  No more editing.  Any photographer out there who's currently drowning in that heavy feeling of having sessions to edit... SHOOT FILM and USE THE FIND LAB.  No more heavy feeling with things to edit. (cue Trish in heavenly shaft of light with angelic chorus)


Secondly, they provide amazing service.  There've been a couple of annoying situations that have resulted from mailing times, etc. and they have handled each of those situations in a totally reasonable and professional way.


Thirdly.  SUPPORT Y'ALL.  They have shared my work on several occasions on their social media platforms and their blog.  When a group of uber talented photographers recognizes your work, THAT is an amazing feeling.  And it happened again today.  Check out their blog where one of my images was selected as a December Favorite.  They also have the best prices on film (no lie... I spent an entire afternoon analyzing film prices from everywhere from eBay to Amazon, from B&H to Adorama Photo.  Their prices are the lowest.)  And their blog is full of informative and educational posts supporting film photographers covering things from how to expose color film, black and white film suggestions, pushing film, and more.


So why am I mad?  Because they're not on Maui.  Because I have to ship my film to them.  So I went straight to my phone and texted the owner and said "I need you to open a satellite lab on Maui."  To which the owner responded kindly and intelligently with a large list of solid business reasons why the lab is where it is.   To which I stomped my foot like the self important tantrum throwing toddler I can sometimes be.  Until I realized that, ya, that makes perfect sense.  These guys really know what they're doing.  I am so bloody thankful for them.

So I guess I'm not really mad at them at all.  But I bet that headline is why you decided to read this blog post.  Gotcha!

If you're a photographer: SHOOT FILM.  USE FIND LAB.  THE END.