Holy Crap | Maui Waterfall Wedding

Shooting a maui waterfall wedding is a mixed bag.  You've got pterodactyl sized mosquitos, you never know what the weather is going to do (I can't tell you how many times I've been rained on there!) and based on the weather, you don't know what the waterfall itself will be doing.  Most of the time, I'm driving there and I'm heading towards an ominous looking sky and stressing the whole way whilst driving... will it rain?  Do I have my umbrella?  Crap... I forgot my umbrella... better buy another one just incase (any guesses how many umbrellas I have now?)

But this day was... well... perfection.  The sun was out, I was driving towards blue sky (I stopped and got another umbrella anyways because I didn't want to jinx it), and when I arrived, literally EVERYTHING was lined up for an amazing wedding; calm water, sunny skies, and THESE TWO!!

Officiant: Tino Rosette
Location: Twin Falls
Brides Dress: Free People
Film Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Waterfall Wedding