I remember when inspiration was a more internal experience.  When it was less about looking at Pinterest and more about seeing, hearing or even feeling something that inspired you and then playing with that idea in your own mind.  

I'd seen this old, abandoned church like 8 years ago.  I like places that are abandoned.  The lack of love and attention actually allows them to exist in their own way, and I suppose I like the rebellion and realness in that.  I sort of fell in love the with idea of shooting at this church one day and would often think about certain light drenched photos that I'd take there whenever I'd drive by that area and be reminded of it's existence.   But that particular location is frequently overcast.  And I stopped driving past that area so often.  And I kind of forgot that it even existed.

Come this past November, I had a styled shoot with a great local coordinator and dresses on loan from one of my favorite designers, and then the dresses didn't work (for a super wonderful reason ;), but still.  I had dresses on loan from a designer, and now no photos to show for it.  So I kind of went into a panic.  I did have my favorite model in town, but she was only going to be around for another 2 days... how the hell can I throw something together in 2 days?

By simplifying.  And focusing on what is most important to me.  Light drenched photos.  BOOM.  Go to that old church you've always wanted to shoot at!  But it's never drenched in light Trish.  Whatever... you have no options.  Just do it and make it work.

And we showed up super early, and the light was super flat.  And I was just in "get photos for the designer" mode.  And then the sun rose, and those light drenched images that I'd imagined in my mind all those years previous, became real.  

It is these experiences... these serendipitous situations that really help me to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And it just reminds me that it is so, so, so much more rewarding to create, nurture and grow your own ideas.  These images aren't mind-blowingly different.  And some of them are probably technically wrong.  But I fucking love them.  How they came about, how long they took to be realized.  They ARE a story.  And, apparently, I like telling stories with photos...

Maui Wedding Photographer

Gown: Griffyn by Maggie Sottero Designs
Hair + Makeup: Dacia Waller of Spa Lotus
Ribbon: Adorn Company
Film Developing + Scanning: The Find Lab