Learning is Fun!

Hahahahaha... not really.  Not the real learning.  The situations that teach us what we really need to know about ourselves are usually pretty freaking un-fun.   But this lesson, that this beautiful lady brought into my life.. ya... it was fun... and MAN was that a welcomed break from the "I'm gonna shove this lesson down your throat covered in sand paper" type of learning that's been happening over in my neck of the palm trees lately.

You see, we're all creating our own experience.  And I've always wondered how I manage to connect with the best people as clients.  It's too often to be a fluke.  But I've always just nudged it away as a string of luck that will one day probably end.  But you know why I really connect with the best people as clients?  


There.  I said it.  Time to own that shiz.  And that's what this girl taught me.  Cause she was nervous as all hell when we started (which makes perfect sense.  She's an amazing photographer, check her out here, and photographers typically HATE being on the other side of the camera).  But as soon as she let her guard down and just had fun and let herself really be herself... BOOM.  DAMN.  The beauty.  

So quit overthinking everything.  Set things up as best you can and then let them fall apart into exactly what they're supposed to be.  And trust that things will be at their best... YOU will be at your best... in those moments of trust and letting go.  Cheers to this beauty for reminding me that easy, fun lessons, still exist!  And for rocking her session.  Like fire baby...




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Gift? Or Curse?

It's all about self realization lately.  And there is one thing that has become absolutely clear to me.  I can see the beauty and good in almost anyone.  I can see your beauty, even when you can't.  I can see your core, below the surface of any facade you may be putting up or story you may be telling yourself.  I immediately see and connect with who you really are underneath.  Your best you.  And it is beautiful.  I've always considered this a gift, especially in my line of work.


Lately though, I've been looking at that part of myself and wondering two things.  1.  Why the hell is it that I can see the goodness in everyone else but when I look at myself I see only flaws?  and 2.  Is it really a gift if seeing only the good in someone lands you in a world of hurt?  Because I stayed in a relationship for 20 years holding on to that persons core of goodness, trying desperately to get them to see it and to help them to act from that place.  Even when it was slowly being overtaken by something else.  Is it a gift?  Or is it really my curse?

I can't say that I've come up with any concrete answers to either of those questions.  But I have determined that in both of these cases, whatever the answers are... they are... get this... MY DECISION.


I decide whether or not I see my own beauty.  I decide if the rhetoric in my head is kind to me, or unkind.  I'll be totally honest.  One of my biggest challenges with this breakup is being on a small island.  A place where it's hard to not run into someone you know, or know when someone starts dating someone else.  And I dread the day that I run into my ex and see him with another woman.  Like, I literally spend hours thinking about him being happy with another woman and it destroys me inside.  And as I do this, I'm telling myself that I'm just preparing myself for when it happens so it doesn't catch me off guard.  But the truth of the matter is that there is NO preparing for that.  It is going to hurt like a mother no matter what.  And the fact that I'm thinking about that is just me being unkind to me.  And that shit has to stop.  So it is my decision, that every time those awful and painful thoughts enter my mind, I will instead visualize myself finding someone who makes me happy.  Or even just me being happy by myself.  It is my decision, and at this point it's really my job, to make sure that my thoughts are positive and supportive of ME.  I can not avoid hurt by trying to prepare for it.  I can avoid hurt by NOT HURTING MYSELF WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS.  You probably all already know this.  And it's not like I didn't know it... I just didn't realize how sneaky my mind was in finding ways to allow me to bash myself internally.  I'm deciding to focus on seeing my own beauty instead of having thoughts that make  me cry.


So, then, is seeing the beauty in others really my gift or my curse?  Because I ended up in a "real pickle" as a result of this trait.  And by "real pickle" I of course mean, "completely fucked". 

It seems it is a gift that was meant to be refined.  And I do think I'm coming to terms with the fact that even though this situation has looked and felt like a great diarrhea fest raining from the sky, it is actually the universe conspiring to teach me about this gift.  And how to maybe turn it around on myself for a while.  To see my own beauty.  To give myself credit for being a decent human and a pretty damn good mom.  To remind myself of my core.  And how to not only appreciate it, but cherish it.  

So why am I writing about this, at length, on my business photography blog?  First, since I can't afford therapy right now, y'all are it (thanks in advance, I'll try to wrap it up in the 50 minute allotted time frame).  And second, I know I'm not alone in this.  Struggle is what unites most of us and there are so many amazing, beautiful, strong, funny women that I know that do NOT give themselves credit enough, or feel beautiful, or recognize their strength.  And since I'm super good at seeing the true beauty in others, and transferring that onto film so that others can finally see it themselves, I've got a new offering.  


The idea here is it can be whatever you want.  Wanna do boudoir?  Bring it.  Wanna just do simple and conservative but super pretty? I'm in.  Wanna have fun and giggle and be stupid and play and not give a shit what anyone else thinks?  YES.  Wanna rock that bikini and play in the water?  Or wear those new jeans that make your butt look amazing and finally have an excuse to wear those heels that have been sitting in your closet for years?  Hell to the yes!  Wanna go super dark and moody?  Girl, I can relate.  We decide the what and the where, I run 5 rolls of film and then blow your mind showing you how beautiful you are.

The whole point of this is to encourage you to do something for you.  Something for fun, that will feed your soul and make you feel better.  And don't underestimate the power of having a photo of you that you love.  It really can change your perspective on yourself and that can have great impact in other areas of your life.  I'm moving into a space of empowering myself, and I want to use this time and my gift to help empower others.  Who's with me?  Click here to find out more...

Happy Self Love Day

They say "life begins at forty"... but they should probably have included the beginning of that quote which is, "Everything that you think is real will all fall apart in a horrible pile of excrement on the floor and then".  Because for anything to begin, something else has to end.  And for me, that meant my marriage.


For 20 years, I'd been in a relationship wherein my love for my person exceeded my love for myself.  And though that may have seemed like a good and selfless thing, and that's what I tried to convince myself for most of those years, it ended up being my undoing.  Turns out, without self love, compassion and understanding can really just be enabling of abuse.  

So, now that I've moved slightly past the "everything is shit. What the fuck just happened to my life?" phase of things, which I am incredibly grateful for, I'm getting clear on what things I need to work on in order to avoid continuing this pattern for myself, and even more importantly, to avoid passing this pattern on to my kids. And it's all about self love.  Which is so fucking cliche.  And you'd think because it was cliche that it would be obvious and easy.  But the truth of the matter is that self love has escaped me for 40 years.  So I need to sort out what it means to me.

One thing that I've learned in the past two months about what self love means to me is not compromising myself.  There have been many instances where others have tried to convince me to go against my better judgement.  I was told that being a good person means you finish last, and since others were fighting dirty and choosing a path of lies, that I should play the same game.  It can be very tempting to stray from the truth when it looks and feels like the truth gets you screwed.  But I did not stray.  I remained in truth and kept my integrity, even when I was being beat down by the system for doing so.  I can hold my head high about how I handled an extremely fucked up situation and my kids will always know that they can trust me to tell the truth and do the right thing.  That is more important to me than any perceived win in the immediate.  It was an extremely hard path to walk, and will likely continue to be so, but I am so grateful that I did not compromise myself or the truth.  It has given me my sense of self back.  And the truth is I sorta dig on who I am.

And so begins the phase of life wherein self compromise is over, and self love begins.  And, ironically, I'm actually feeling pretty good about this Valentine's Day.  Because it's an opportunity for me to show love to someone who really deserves it.  Me.  


Does this mean that I won't end up in a puddle of my own tears this Valentine's Day?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I am grieving.  And that shit hits whenever it wants.  But I am definitely walking confidently in the direction of... well... not exactly my dreams because those all got flushed down the toilet with the marriage... but I'm walking confidently.  I'm walking.  I'm putting one foot in front of the other.  

And the dreams?  The new ones?  The ones wherein I'm actually loving myself and truly happy?  They'll come.

For now, I'll be doing this little exercise this Valentine's Day.  An exercise in self love.  Whether you're in a happy relationship, or hoping to find one some day, Self Love is something we should all practice in each moment.  

Happy Self Love Day Y'all!




Adorn Company 2018 Collection

Things I get to look forward to each year; shooting Adorn Company's newest goodies.  They're always coming out with new ways to inject beauty into events and make photographer's jobs way easier.  And their newest 2018 Silk Ribbon Collection is here!  New hues ranging from bold and playful, to subtle and transformative.  Such a treat to shoot these and get to share them!




 'ello Sailor!  This gorgeous navy hand-dyed silk ribbon is the perfect way to add a touch of soft, elegance to your nautical theme.

'ello Sailor!  This gorgeous navy hand-dyed silk ribbon is the perfect way to add a touch of soft, elegance to your nautical theme.



 Bold and playful, yet delicate and feminine, Cecile brings warmth and beauty to the party.

Bold and playful, yet delicate and feminine, Cecile brings warmth and beauty to the party.



 It's my party and I'll wine if I want to!  Syrah's deep, luscious hues bring bold sophistication.

It's my party and I'll wine if I want to!  Syrah's deep, luscious hues bring bold sophistication.



 Sienna; understated and down to earth.

Sienna; understated and down to earth.



 Sonora's subtle blush hues remind us of sandy desert dunes.

Sonora's subtle blush hues remind us of sandy desert dunes.



 Pretty in pink, but with sophisticated earth tones.

Pretty in pink, but with sophisticated earth tones.


Head on over to Adorn Company today to shop their New 2018 Collection, and all the rest of their gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon options:


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Oahu Family Photographer

Ya... so.... you guys... Jonathan freakin' Canlas hired me to shoot his family photos!!!  I'm still tripping.  I mean, people are people right... and I don't really care who you are as long as you're a good person... but this guy is like... the guru of film... super amazing photographer (I hired him for my family shoot last year)... super amazing business man... owner of my film lab... key to bringing film shooting back into the industry... and he's just unapologetically himself and that is one of my favorite qualities in a human.  

You know what else he is?  

Kind.  Heart of gold.  I feel so incredibly grateful to know him.  And for the opportunity to witness and capture him, his angel-eyed-wife and their six... that's right SIX... amazing kids.  They helped carry my bags.  They helped load film in my camera.  And they were totally okay with the fact that I couldn't keep track of who I'd photographed cause... ya... SIX kids.

They were all so sweet, and so fun, and I now have a photo of Jonathan Canlas pulling his nose hairs...

A little bit messy is real... and that's DEFINITELY where my sweet spot is.  
L  I  F  E   +   L  O  V  E   +   F  I  L  M

Beach Family Elopement

This elopement was especially sweet with the presence of their baby daughter as the flower girl.  She was such a character, and watching Reverend Kimo (my favorite officiant) with her was so ridiculously cute.  

Loved watching this family make it official together.  

Loved hearing the bride and grooms slight Boston accents.  Made me feel like I was home and I caught myself cutting my r's off the ends of words for a few days after this wedding.

Loved the fact that she's a florist on the east coast (check out LunaMoss.com) and made her own bouquet and daughters flower haku by foraging the day of the wedding.

Loved the soft light and not so soft wind that played with the ribbons draped off of her bouquet.

And loved looking back through these photos a few months later to put thi post together....

Beach Elopement - Ironwoods Beach, Maui



2017 | Life is Funny

This year has been a trip.  

The never ending loop of learning hard lessons has continued.  There's been some great highs for which I am very grateful and in general, things with business were fun and filled with amazing people.  I took this year to get really clear on who I am and what I want for my business and I'm thrilled to say that I'm happier than ever in my work and am achieving what I've deemed success for myself.  

But there have also been some great lows in my personal life.  There's been grief, there's been struggle, there's been death.  And there's been crazy.  Was 2017 the year of the nut-job?  Is that a part of the zodiac?  Cause DAMN.  Crazy was just coming out of the woodwork this year...

But one thing that has remained constant through it all; LAUGHTER.  And for that I am so incredibly grateful.  For anyone and everyone I've shared a chuckle with this year, know that you are why I keep on going.  Your laughter and lightheartedness with me, both in times of fun, and ESPECIALLY in those times where it might not have been deemed appropriate, but where it was needed most, are such a gift.  Those are the memories that stick.  

So thanks 2017, for everything you sent my way.  The good, the bad and the orange.  And though 2018 seems as though it has the potential to be... well... even weirder... just remember to keep your sense of humor.  Because I can tell you there's really not much better than sitting down to review your year, thinking it will stress you out and result in some deep, profound realizations about life and the cosmos, and just ending up with a big, old, stupid grin on your face...

 Cheers 2017!  


Why I'm Mad At The Find Lab

The Find Lab is who develops and scans all of my film.  Before I get into why I'm mad at them, it's only fair that I cover three things that they do really well.  


Firstly, they provide amazing scans at the best price.  I hear so many stories of photographers struggling with their film scans to get them right, and yet I get scans from The Find Lab, every time, that I smile ear to ear from and often just save in a folder and send right to the client.  I use their basic scans, which are best priced in the business, and rarely have to touch them.  Do you know what this means?  This means I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!  No more editing.  Any photographer out there who's currently drowning in that heavy feeling of having sessions to edit... SHOOT FILM and USE THE FIND LAB.  No more heavy feeling with things to edit. (cue Trish in heavenly shaft of light with angelic chorus)


Secondly, they provide amazing service.  There've been a couple of annoying situations that have resulted from mailing times, etc. and they have handled each of those situations in a totally reasonable and professional way.


Thirdly.  SUPPORT Y'ALL.  They have shared my work on several occasions on their social media platforms and their blog.  When a group of uber talented photographers recognizes your work, THAT is an amazing feeling.  And it happened again today.  Check out their blog where one of my images was selected as a December Favorite.  They also have the best prices on film (no lie... I spent an entire afternoon analyzing film prices from everywhere from eBay to Amazon, from B&H to Adorama Photo.  Their prices are the lowest.)  And their blog is full of informative and educational posts supporting film photographers covering things from how to expose color film, black and white film suggestions, pushing film, and more.


So why am I mad?  Because they're not on Maui.  Because I have to ship my film to them.  So I went straight to my phone and texted the owner and said "I need you to open a satellite lab on Maui."  To which the owner responded kindly and intelligently with a large list of solid business reasons why the lab is where it is.   To which I stomped my foot like the self important tantrum throwing toddler I can sometimes be.  Until I realized that, ya, that makes perfect sense.  These guys really know what they're doing.  I am so bloody thankful for them.

So I guess I'm not really mad at them at all.  But I bet that headline is why you decided to read this blog post.  Gotcha!

If you're a photographer: SHOOT FILM.  USE FIND LAB.  THE END.

Family Photographer | Love These Peeps!

I feel like if I have one true gift, it's connecting with the best people.  I, honest to goodness, get the best clients.  I notice it.  My second shooters and assistants notice it.  I just luck out.  And I don't know how.

And I doubly luck out with repeat clients, who are also awesome people in my life.  People I get to see, and hang out with, and laugh with, on a daily basis.  Being able to document their families as they grow up is such a gift to me.  So grateful to be a family photographer.

Family Photographer

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Still Time To Shop and SAVE!

You know what I realized, today, when I decided I should go to TJ Max for a shower curtain?  People are EVERYWHERE!  And I was just like... why the hell are there so many people here?  And my son was like... Mom, it's the holidays... remember?


So I figured I'd offer a special for those of us who leave everything to the last minute.

For the next 48 hours, enter coupon code: LASTMINUTE during checkout and get 25% Off All Wall Art and Decor and Photography Classes!

Ends 12/13/17 at 11:59pm PST

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I P H O N E   C A S E S

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La Tavola Linen | Maui Grand Opening

When one of your most kindred spirits moves away from Maui and leaves you hanging, and then returns, wearing a cape made of insanely beautiful linen.

My pal Steph (I know a lot of awesome Steph's!) is the new Hawaii rep for La Tavola Fine Linen and it is SO RAD to have her back on Maui and along with her, these awesome linens to take weddings next.level.

The Grand Opening was a couple of weeks ago and it was draped in awesome.  Have a look-see at just some of what is now available for weddings and events on Maui (and Lanai, and Kauai, and... you get it... she's gonna cover all of Hawaii in awesome linens).

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Furniture Rentals: Signature Maui
Dinnerware/Flatware/Glassware: Set Maui
Beverage Service: Garnish Craft Cocktails
Catering: Cutting Edge Catering
Photo Booth: Spot Light Photo Booth Co.
Cookies: Maui Sweet Cakes (omg I ate like a whole plate of them... soooo good)
DJ: DJ Skinny Guy






I've been mulling this over for a while now.  I had some unbelievably epic mini sessions over this holiday season and found that I was able to deliver an insane number of solid images in a really short period of time.  So this got me thinking... do I really need a full hour to capture a family?  

And the truthful answer is yes... in the way that I truly want to capture families... yes... in the way that yields the level of work that you see on my instagram and website, yes.  In fact an hour is IDEAL.  Kids eyes start to glaze over at the hour mark, and I run out of film and ideas at that point, and the moments I'm able to capture in that time cover everything from the formal look and cheese that you want for your holiday cards, to the more meaningful and real moments that come with that comfort that sets in during the second half of a full hour session.

hawaii family photographer_0014.jpg

HOWEVER.  I know not everyone can afford a full session with me.  And the families that I work with each year during family mini session season always blow my mind and leave me wondering what I'm missing out on the rest of the year.  

So I have this idea.  And it might not work... but I'm going to give it a whirl and see what happens.

I'm now offering HALF FAMILY SESSIONS.  

Pretty straight forward concept.  Half the shooting time, half the film, half the photos, half the price.  There are some restrictions though... 

1.  Limited to 5 or fewer people
2. Limited to 9am on select weekdays only
3. Limited to select, preset, upcountry locations

So, ya... limitations.  Cause something's gotta give in order to make this happen, and it can't be my sanity.  But I think this could actually work out pretty well.

So, if you're interested, I'd say book... like now.  Or... like soon.  Cause it could end up that I'm about to bite off way more than I can chew, so this could be short lived.

To view details, or book a session click here!

maui family mini sessions_0017.jpg

Holy Crap | Maui Waterfall Wedding

Shooting a maui waterfall wedding is a mixed bag.  You've got pterodactyl sized mosquitos, you never know what the weather is going to do (I can't tell you how many times I've been rained on there!) and based on the weather, you don't know what the waterfall itself will be doing.  Most of the time, I'm driving there and I'm heading towards an ominous looking sky and stressing the whole way whilst driving... will it rain?  Do I have my umbrella?  Crap... I forgot my umbrella... better buy another one just incase (any guesses how many umbrellas I have now?)

But this day was... well... perfection.  The sun was out, I was driving towards blue sky (I stopped and got another umbrella anyways because I didn't want to jinx it), and when I arrived, literally EVERYTHING was lined up for an amazing wedding; calm water, sunny skies, and THESE TWO!!

Officiant: Tino Rosette
Location: Twin Falls
Brides Dress: Free People
Film Developing/Scanning: The Find Lab

Maui Waterfall Wedding


Do you want to get as much of your holiday shopping done online so that you can avoid the parking nightmares, the crowds and having to put on pants unnecessarily? 

SAVE 20% 

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Secret Beach Elopement

This Secret Beach elopement has a really special place in my heart.  

I made a decision at the beginning of this year to stay really true to myself in my work.  This means that I'm purposely disconnected from the wedding industry.  I don't follow other photographers on social media, I don't follow blogs for inspiration, I don't go for publishing or contests anymore and I really try my hardest to detach from the need for likes/followers on what I post.  

My objective is to be as empty as possible.  This way I'm open to the story of the couples and families that I'm working with.  Telling their story with photos, instead of telling some forced rendition of my own story.  This means that my ego doesn't get a lot of attention.  My numbers are low.  I don't get published often (only when other people submit my work or a publication reaches out to me).  

This is good.  As my ego is neglected, my work becomes more true and meaningful to my clients.  But that means that I've got to look for other ways to know that I'm on the right path.  Small noticings.  

And this wedding had so many of those little moments whilst shooting, that I walked away feeling really, really affirmed.

And then I got the scans back, and found that I'd inadvertently captured a photo that was almost identical to the photo that acts as the inspiration for my business.  Totally unplanned.  It just unfolded as it was intended.  These are the things that drive me.  That affirm that I should keep going when I feel like giving up, or feel like what I'm doing isn't of value.

Grateful for these moments.  And for my truly unique clients who, without fail, leave me wondering what in the hell I'm doing so right to get them!

In case you're wondering which photo I was referencing that made my day... below is a photo of my grandparents that is the inspiration for my business... and right below it... the photo from this elopement that was captured.  Their facial expressions and the feeling in the photo feels so similar... and the groom even kind of looks like my grandfather!

inspiration photo vs. photo I took



I can't even handle that it's almost the holiday season.  This year has FLOWN by.  

And so it's time for me to do my once a year HOLIDAY FAMILY MINI SESSIONS.  The one time of year when I do reduced price mini shoots.  Get those holiday card photos and then some.

Click below to get details or to book your time slot now.  Only 5 spots available and two are already booked...

Colorado Family Session - Retainer Payment

Retainer to book a 30 minute FAMILY SESSION with principle photographer Trish Barker in Boulder/Longmont, Colorado during the dates of March 22 - 29, 2018.  Total Session Fee is $495.  Remaining $195 balance is due the day of the shoot.

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